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    Ch. 3 Stampedes

    Smoke rose off in the distance. <What's that coming from?> Latias asked. Andrew had just been asking himself the same questions.
    "Maybe a plague and their burning the bodies. Maybe a disliked lord is being overthrown. It could be any combination of things." Andrew shrugged.
    <Whatever it is, I don't like It.> latios said from behind. <Where there is smoke, typically there is fire, or at least what's left of one, and that could spread to here.> Andrew couldn't help but agree. Suddenly, a large group of pokemon, none of which looked like they lived in the forest, came sprinting out of the trees, screaming in terror. Andrew grabbed a Tauros by the horns and stopped it in its tracks.
    "Why are you running?" Andrew asked it in the old language that every being could understand.
    <Humans, bad ones from a distant land! They attacked the petal city!> it yelled, eyes moving nervously from side to side, not even seeming to notice that a boy had been able to stop it, or that he could understand him. <they kill everyone! All the good humans who feed us are dead!> and with that it turned tails and ran.
    "It looks like the humans have gotten themselves into yet another silly war." Andrew shook his head in disbelief.
    <truly, the only time you ever see us fighting is over territory, food, or if we're forced to by the humans.> Latios said, and Latias nodded her agreement.
    A clumsy stomping was heard coming from where the other pokemon had come from. A lone Typhlosion, wearing full Kantonian battle armor came staggering out of the wood. The armor was dented and looked to be shoved into his body in some places. An arrow was sticking out of his arm, and his shield was barely hanging onto his arm by the straps. His sword was missing from its sheath across his back, and he fell to his knees.
    <Help me.> he uttered before collapsing to the ground. Andrew and the two dragons stared at the fire type for a moment.
    "I'm getting my bag." And with that, Andrew ran off.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Althalos woke up to find he had been completely stripped of his armor, and was lying on a soft blanket. He felt safe lying there, and forgot what happened. When he opened his eyes and looked around, he remembered. The angry farmers, the stampeding farm pokemon. When his small ship had arrived, the attack on Petalburg had still been happening. Immediately after they unloaded, a group of farmers came and started attacking them with pitchforks and spades. On of them had even managed to steal his sword from his sheath. Another killed an archer and started shooting, one of the arrows striking the fire type in the leg. He hobbled north into the forest, disoriented, and confused. He finally got to a clearing, where he saw a boy and two pokemon. The last thing Althalos remembered was asking for help, and then everything went black.
    Now that h had rested, and his vision was cleared, he saw more clearly the three who had helped him. He recognized two of them, from last season: the boy and the blue dragon. There was another one, similar looking to the blue one, but red rather than blue, and somewhat smaller. They were both sleeping, the red ones head resting on top of the blue ones. Althalos tried to lean up and get a better look.
    "Lay back down or you'll hurt yourself. The boy told him. He had been facing the other way, and had been mixing something in a small bowl. Now, he stood up, turned around, and knelt by the wounded Typhlosion, who lay back down, looking up nervously. "This will help you heal." The boy said, and dipped his hand in the bowl. His hand came out covered in thick goo. Althalos had seen this before, it was potion. He relaxed, and let the boy rub it into hiss wounds.
    "What's your name?" the boy asked when he was done. The Typhlosion thought a moment. Which name should he tell the boy? He had two, the one the humans had given him, and the one he had been called before capture.
    <um, Althalos.> he answered.
    "Althalos, okay, well, do you know why your army is here, attacking my home country?"
    <more territory, I think. Ii never got a memo.>
    "Well your armor says otherwise. You have very high quality chain mail, reserved only for the higher ups in the army."
    <high rank doesn't mean informed by your superiors. I was only briefly informed during that battle against the dark army about what we were up against.> Althalos regretted saying that.
    "Kanto is attacking Hoenn? Even after I helped your king defeat the darkness?"
    <technically, we helped you. It was you that creature was after.> Althalos said simply and tried sitting up again. This time the boy didn't seem to care. < And your name was?>
    "Andrew." The boy looked at Althalos. "I remember you know. You were in the second row of the crowd that had gathered when I almost died."
    <Good memory.>
    "You have no idea." Andrew sighed. At that moment, the red dragon woke up, and drowsily floated over to them.
    <Good morning.> she gave a tired smile, and leaned on Andrews' shoulder tiredly.
    "You do know its past midday." Andrew laughed and pushed her off.
    <hey, do you have anything to eat, I'm kind of hungry.> Althalos asked.
    "well, I kind of recently got tired of hunting for everyone, so I made the new rule that we all had to find our own food, but you're hurt so I'll make an exception."
    <I'm tired and hungry, so can you hunt for me too?> Latias begged.
    "Sorry, you're not wounded." Andrew replied.
    <But I'm tired.> Latias whined.
    "Too bad." Latias gave a loud "humph", and pushed Andrew. He ignored it and took some dried meat out of his bag and gave IT TO Althalos, who happily accepted it.
    All this while, Latios had been watching. He didn't like that Typhlosion, and knew something bad was going to come of it.

    Ch.4 Journeys

    Alys came back into the cave, followed by her twin sister, Kayla, and a Metang, which was her fathers, well, before the Kantonians killed him anyways. The sun had just started to rise, and the three pulled the raft that they had been building to the cave in the north-west of Dewford. The Kantonian army had started using the palace as a headquarters for the commanders. Any buildings left were being used by the soldiers. As the sun rose. The two girls and the steel type fell asleep, knowing that today would be their last day on this island. Their raft was finished, and that night they would cross the ocean to the mainland, hopefully landing in Slateport. They had gathered enough food for at least a weeks' journey and stored it in crates they stole from the military.
    "Tonight, we go to Slateport, and find our uncle, the king, and ask for his protection." Alys said their plan out loud again to herself. She had made this plan, the second her father was killed. She had played through her head so many times, and had thought of everything that could possibly go wrong. She was nervous, as well was Kayla. They were scared, and excited all at the same time.
    "I have that stuck in my head now. Could you please, just shut up?" Kayla said before Alys could say repeat the plan. The Metang gave a whir of agreement. It had also had the plan stuck in its head now.
    "This is going to be a long trip." It thought to itself and fell asleep.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Jack coughed and put jack down. He had run so far in the three days since the attack. He looked around for water, and heard a stream, just beyond the trees. He picked Nicholas up again and trotted over, put his sleeping brother down again, and stuck his face into the cool water. He drank deeply. Then, he heard the cracking of sticks, coming from the clearing he had first stopped at. He leaned his brother against a tree, and then hid behind another one. He drew his knife, and was ready to pounce, but what he saw surprised him. It was only a boy, 14 at the most. He was followed by two pokemon, which he recognized from legends he heard from his father. The red pokemon being Latias, the blue Latios. Or was it the other way around. He couldn't remember. What followed the three though, made him tense up again. A Typhlosion limped after them, struggling to keep up. Jack knew he shouldn't be worried, since Typhlosion are from Johto, but this one was wearing a dented Kantonian helm, with the symbol of the fir regiment on the top, right between the fire types' ears.
    "Uggh, are we there yet?" Nicholas groaned next to Jack. He warned his brother to be quiet, but it was too late. He heard a high pitched "laaaa" and turned to see the Latias, apparently speaking to the boy.
    "Yes I heard it." He said, and looked directly at jack, who had hidden behind the tree just in time.
    "I know you're here." The boy called into the trees. Whoever you are, reveal yourself!" Jack peered around again to see that the boy had drawn a long sword, and was holding it in one hand, prepared to strike if need be.
    "Who are you?" jack called out, and sprinted to another tree. The boys' eyes followed him. "Where are you from?" he asked again. He peered around the tree to see only the Typhlosion, and the two dragons there. When he turned back to face the woods, the boy was standing there.
    "From here, you?" the boy answered, he had the sword against Jacks' throat, being careful not to actually touch it to him though.
    "Petalburg." Jack replied, and the boy lowered his sword.
    "Ok then, I'll be off." The boy replied and walked back into the clearing, and then seemingly hearing the stream for the first time, walked over to it, and filled up a canteen. Nicholas, ran behind his older brother, and peered out from behind his legs. Then as the boy stood up, and the air in front of him shimmered, and a large, two legged pokemon with pink stripes and two pink orbs in its shoulders stood there.
    "Well, hello there Palkia." The boy seemed merely startled by this pokemons appearance. "What are you doing so far from Sinnoh, mister controller of space?"
    The pink and white pokemon let out a low grumble. It then looked at Jack, and gave another.
    I don't know who he is, I just met him and was about to go to Fortree, then you showed up." The boy answered the growl, while the new pokemon, Palkia, let out another. The boy turned to Jack. "Palkia says hello." And turned back to the pink pokemon. The two dragon pokemon then floated up beside him. A mocking growl came deep from within Palkias' throat. "Yes, I have made some new friends. Can I please go now?" Palkia sighed, nodded, and disappeared in a shimmer.
    "Latios I thought you were annoying." The blue dragon gave a protestant "la" at this.
    The boy then turned to Jack again. "What did you say your name was?" he asked.
    "Umm, I never told you my name, nut its Jack and you are?" Jack answered.
    "Andrew. Pleased to meet you. We will be on our way now.' Andrew turned and started walking back to the clearing, where the Typhlosion was sitting in the shade of a large oak tree.
    "Wait a minute; while you were talking to that Pokemon, you said you were going to Fortree, correct?" Jack asked.
    "That pokemon was Palkia, and he is quite bothersome, but besides that, yes, yes I am."
    "Well, my little brother and I are going there too. The lord there is our uncle."
    "And, what do you want me to do about that?" Andrew inquired.
    "Could we go with you? You know a safety in numbers type of thing."
    Andrew thought a moment, then said: "eh, why not. We're going right now, so drink up." Andrew pointed to the stream, and Jack ushered Nicholas over too it.
    ""we'll be with you shortly. The only thing I have is my knife." With that Andrew just nodded and walked over to the clearing, and picked up a pack that had been lying on the ground.
    "Are we going with them?" Nicholas asked?
    "Yes," replied jack. "It will be safer." And with that the two went to the clearing.

    Ch. 5 Enemies

    Latios still didn't like that he was traveling with that Typhlosion. He knew the fire type knew that too. They had been fighting behind Andrews' back, Althalos occasionally pushing Latios, knocking him over. The blue pokemon was only just barely able to keep from shoving his claws into Althalos's chest. Then there were also the two new additions, the two brothers. Latios could care less about them. Although it was two more mouths to feed, the older one, Jack, had agreed to hunt for himself and his brother. Latios got along well enough with the older one, so it was someone else to talk to.
    "Are we almost there?" the younger brother asked. He had been asking that continually, but it couldn't be helped.
    "No, could you please stop asking?" Jack told him. Andrew stopped suddenly in the middle of the wide valley that led to Fortree. A loud rumble was heard coming from the mountains to the right. A near by puddle rippled, as the sound was heard again, this time louder. The sound of cracking trees was soon heard, and the ground shook so violently, that the air vibrated. Then, out of the forest, came a Tyranitar. This one, wearing full battle armor, the Kantonian insignia on the front. The armor was polished and new. Then, the shouts of men were heard. The Tyranitar gave a toothy grin, and let out a terrifying roar that made everyone in the party flinch, and charged at Andrew. He easily side stepped it, but as he did, from the large path of broken trees the pokemon had made, two squadrons of Kantonian warriors appeared. Each group consisted of two knights, 5 foot soldiers, four horse archers, and six foot archer units, which consisted of an archer, and spearmen for defense. Andrew just grinned and told jack and Nicholas to hide.
    "This should be interesting." Andrew said, and lunged into the approaching squads. They surrounded him, and Andrew unsheathed his sword.
    "You're out numbered! Surrender!" one of the knights commanded.
    "I am never out numbered; I have good friends to back me up, so why on earth would I surrender?" Andrews' eyes were now just slits. He whirled around, slicing clean through the first four foot soldiers, and cutting the legs off the Knights Rapidash.
    "you son of a-!" the man stopped when he saw that not only was his mount dead, but that water, rather than blood was pouring out of its wounds.
    "Who's out numbered now?" Andrew gave a sly grin.
    "Technically, you still are." said a nearby archer. Andrew turned around and brought his blade down on him. The spearman put up his shield just before the sword made contact, but the dark gray metal cut through the disk like butter, cutting the spearman's' arm off, and slicing into the body of the archer. Both men fell to the ground instantly dead.
    "I suggest leaving now. Not just from here, but from my country. If not, all of you will die right now." Andrew twirled his blade.
    "Fool!" the rider of the dead Rapidash exclaimed. "Tremp!" he called and the Tyranitar came out of the woods where he had run into. It roared again, and let loose an energy beam from its mouth.
    Andrew jumped out of the way, and let it hit the men behind him. "Hey, Latios, want to join the fun?" Andrew called out to the blue pokemon. Latios just laughed and started distracting the Tyranitar while Andrew finished off the rest of the Kantonians. He then sheathed his sword and took one from one of the dead foot soldiers.
    <Why wont you just hit him with Cunamio?> Latias asked as she joined in.
    "That would be no fun." Andrew answered, and stabbed the green pokemon in the foot. It roared in pain, and swiped at Andrew. He backed away, and stabbed its eye, blinding its left side.
    <Leave some for me!> Latios called, and swiped at the Tyranitars' neck, leaving a small gash in the side. Andrew then came in with the sword, stabbing its other eye. It screamed in confusion at the sudden blackness, and stumbled around for a moment, before Andrew crawled up its back, reached over, and slit its throat. It fell backwards on top of Andrew.
    Latias gasped, and Jack had just uncovered Nicholas's eyes, but the little boy quickly dragged his brothers' hand over them again.
    "A little help here?" Andrews' voice was heard coming from the other side of the fallen pokemon. Latios, Latias and Althalos all went over to see Andrews upper body sticking out from underneath. "That was fun." Andrew laughed as he was pulled out from underneath. He stretched, brushed himself off, grabbed his sack, and started walking. Jack and Nicholas rushed to catch them.
    "I don't think that was a fair fight." Andrew gave an exasperated sigh.
    "For you or the soldiers?" Jack asked.
    "Both." Latios thought to him. "Unfair to the soldiers, just because, and unfair to Andrew because of how easy it was for him." Jack was surprised. This was the first time he had been communicated with through telepathy.
    Andrew turned to Jack. "Expect that to happen a lot in the time you're with us. He is very talkative." Latios gave a protestant "humph".
    "Besides that," Jack said, "that was amazing, when you were fighting those soldiers."
    <agreed.> Althalos walked up next to Andrew, pushing Latios along the way. <your fighting style is one I have never seen. Even while holding the broadsword, you move as if it a Katana.>
    "Thank you, but its getting late. We'll walk for another hour, and then we'll stop for the night." Andrew said as he saw how long his shadow had gotten. "It will only take a few more days to get to Fortree."
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Alys and Kayla pushed the raft into the ocean. It bobbed up and down as the waves crashed against it. The two girls hopped onto the boat, and their Metang followed. Alys pushed off and grabbed the rudder control. It would take a few days to get to Slateport, and Alys hoped that they had packed enough food for the trip.
    Kayla looked up. "The moon is beautiful tonight." She said. Alys agreed. The moon held a light orange glow, and the reflection on the water made the water seem to glow.
    The wind was good that night, blowing to the east, causing the raft to move swiftly through the water. The Metang, although glad to be off the island, was worried. Large clouds were moving in from the west. A large storm was to be here soon. He knew that it would be faster than their raft. It wasn't stable, and would either capsize or fall in on its self in even the slightest choppy water. The only good thing was that there were plenty of small islands on the way to Slateport. Even still, they were wide spread, and the currents are strange around this area. If the raft capsized, who knew where they would end up? The steel type looked at the clouds again.
    "May Kyogre bring us good weather." It prayed to itself.
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