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Time to reply to my own thread!
Although I admit the fetish question was too much, I do not see the harm in promoting sexual discussion on a forum populated by clearly very sexually active teenagers and young adults, as evidenced by some of the replies I have seen :) Some of you people have sure gotten up to some fun times! Not naming any names, though! (Scarf)
Thank you for all answering with maturity and bringing intelligent discussion to a thread which could have just degenerated into dirty recounts of experiences best kept off a Pokemon forum! Sex is natural! It's great to talk about it! Hell yeah!

1. How many times do you think you've had it?
....This is all with one guy, but over 200 times omg
We just liked doing it lmao

2. What age did you lose your virginity, providing you have lost it?
About 18 and a half!! I know I'm sounding childish, adding the half and what not, but I wanted to keep things accurate!!! It took me longer than average to lose it because it took me forever to come out of the closet irl & it took me a while to find a guy I felt comfortable with losing it to, lol.
When I was growing up I was all about 'I'm gonna lose it to the guy I love, it's dirty to do so otherwise' and although I think it's absolutely wonderful to keep your virginity for someone you love, I was just tired of waiting to see what this sex thing was all about, I guess. I'm not saying I didn't throw my personal morals out the window, I just loosened up a little bit!

3. Have you done the dirty deed with guys and girls?

i never want to see a vagina in my life

Bonus question:
What do you think of people who have sex often, with many different people?

People who ****-shame are one of my biggest annoyances, as you're essentially shaming people for being free with their sexuality and you're shaming them for having sex the way they want to. They know the physical risks of doing so, or they should so anyway. They are aware of STDS just like you are aware of them! Some people simply just move from person to person, or they're sleeping around with multiple people because that's what suits them. I do have a problem with those who cheat on others, as that is completely different to ****-shaming and cheating on the person you're dating (unless you guys are open about that sort of thing) is just low in my opinion, having gone through such an experience myself. But, my point is, don't judge others for being free with who make love to, because for all you know they could love that person, just in a different way than you comprehend.
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