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Originally Posted by sunwriter View Post
One thing that is a personal pet peeve of mine is when people post tradeshops and don't list what generation they're trading. I'd like to see it required for shops to be labeled as 4th Gen, 5th Gen, or Both. This way I can see at a glance while scrolling through the shops which ones I'm interested without having to go in to each shop and see if it's mentioned in the post.
I think it would be nice if they just stated what FC/Game they were trading from the get go so the trade would flow smoother for both parties. I don't see the shops really need labels at this time. If the people have their friend codes listed in their OP or Sig then it is not that hard to make an extra click and evaluate the shop while you are looking at potential pokemon you are interested in. I guess it would be somewhat helpful, but I personally wouldn't want a prefix added to my shop if I currently had one active.

Originally Posted by johnny18 View Post
The daily trade corner chit chat can be changed into the sticky chit-chat/Question/RNG help thread since people mostly talk about their RNG pokemons anyway. Under the rule for the thread, we just need the mod add a post where they can do a guide for RNG (in simple word, smogon is just too "fancy").
I am in favor of this. That way we don't have to create an extra sticky that won't be used outside of the occasional person looking for info in the guides.

Originally Posted by PokéSwimmer View Post
Also, there are ways of cloning without AR, so wouldn't having a guide on that help alleviate a good portion of the work of the "official cloners" (should this service be implemented)?
I doubt having a cloning guide would really take much requests off the table. AR Cloning seems to be the most convenient so if they don't have to do tedious work themselves then I doubt they will.

Originally Posted by Diabolico View Post
And also, this might not be a good idea.... but.... perhaps we can add a thread where we can put a list of players who are reliable like twilightblade, and the others who are good traders. And we can also add a list of players who are trolls (like lolpo), banned, and those are unreliable. =/
Isn't that what White Lists and Black Lists in Players own threads are for? I don't really see the need to add such listing in a thread other then your own. And I really see no point of adding somebody that is banned. Wouldn't their being banned prevent them from trading with anyone new(sure they could go to the trouble of creating a new account, but I doubt that is too prevalent)? Or if they are trolls then they may eventually suffer the same fate as banned people so then just use the report button for that. If there is really a need for this then it could always be added to the Trade Rules and Hack Lists topic.

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