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    Well Fabio certainly has laid the ground work for being a mad scientist. If Lusamine is as Psychotic as she is in the games, she’s certainly hiding it very well or the encounter with the Ultra Beasts is what causes her to go bonkers. Finally and I mean FINALLY they show Lillie with some sense of personality and a backbone. Clearly she has mother issues ^^ and one of her childhood Pokemon(or maybe it was Lusamines, still have yet to watch Eng Subs), was evolved without Lillie’s approval. Something tells me that Snowy is going to get the same treatment, which might trigger Lillie to break the fourth wall if that occurs. Also Clefairy was one of the stuffed plushies in her room. Meaning that I suspect an Eevee is in her future(Hah... what if she gets a Sylveon? Just saying that’s be the perfect lead-in for a Serena return lol).
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