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    This begins my log of this challenge! I will have the name of the Gym I completed, and have information of what I did from the previous Gym to the current one.
    For reference, here's my set of rules:
    Noctowl: Noctowl owes you it's life, when you caught it back as a Hoothoot, you were actually saving it from poachers. No clause with this one, it is your loyal steadfast ally.

    Seaking:This pokemon insists on leading the party whenever you're travelling on or near large bodies of water, however at night time it will prefer to sleep and must stay at the back of your party, only participating in battle when necessary.

    Espeon: Since Eevee was originally a gift from Bill, Espeon can not be a higher level than the limit of your latest badge (e.g 1st badge states all pokemon up to lvl 30 will obey you etc) out of fear it will disobey you.

    Special trainer missions:
    Firewall: Each of your pokemon must learn a stat boosting or protective move

    Error 404: If one of your pokemon gets knocked out in an important battle with either your rival or a gym leader, you will be unable to use it for the next 5 standard trainer battles you come across while it reflects on how it let you down

    I'm doing this challenge in Soul Silver, and I'm pretty happy with the team and unique title of 'Porygon Programmer' I was given.

    Violet City Gym - Falkner

    Eclipse (Eevee), Level 11
    Artemis (Hoothoot), Level 13
    Koi (Goldeen), Level 11
    Totodile, Level 10, HM Slave only

    I began my journey by taking in a Totodile as my starter, primarily to act as an HM slave in the future. Using this Totodile, I reached Cherrygrove City and Mr. Pokemon's house on the request of Prof. Elm. Once I defeated Silver for the first time and obtained a few Pokeballs from Lyra, I was ready to go catch the team that I was assigned. Hoothoot was readily available just outside New Bark Town, but Goldeen and Eevee would not be available for a long time, so the only choice I had here was to go ahead and generate the two Level 5 Pokemon. I decided to name Eevee Eclipse since it seemed like a fitting name for either and Umbreon or an Espeon, Hoothoot was name Artemis after a shiny Noctowl I caught in Y, and Goldeen was simply name Koi because... you know, Seaking's a koi. Once I was done with this process, I began to finally make my way towards Violet City to challenge the monks of Sprout Tower and Faulker, the leader of the Violet City gym.
    Finally reaching Violet City, I headed into Sprout Tower to begin the challenge (which for reasons I will never understand, is a prerequisite for the Gym). The Sprout Tower Monks were all a breeze, since my Hoothoot was Level 10 and has Peck. The real challenge is going to be Falkner, since the only decent attacks I have ready are Tackle and Peck. Nothing else.
    I got super lucky, both Eclipse and Koi got knocked out by Falkner's Pidgeotto, but I was able to use Artemis's Hypnosis to put it to sleep, effectively knocking it out. Unfortunately, due to my Error 404 rule, I have to leave Koi and Eclipse out of my next 5 trainer battles, but that should pass by quickly enough. Now to work towards the next gym over in Goldenrod City!

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