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    Sorry for the late update guys. The world of work is taking its toll. I rarely have the time to play the game, let alone update. I've found some now, so........ HERE WE GO!!!

    The Doyen of Vets

    Update 2


    Upon a short rest (and some needed training in and around the Vermillion area) I boarded the SS Anne. I fought my way up through the vessel until I made it to the Captain's door. Then, only that arrogant brat, Gary Oak, stood in my way. I dispatched him without even breaking a sweat. Shortly after going back to heal my Pokemon, I met with the Captain and obtained the HM Cut (I had a Bulbasaur as my "starter" so I used him for Cut). Afterwards, I entered the Vermillion Gym and caught up with my old friend, Lt. Surge. Surge wasn't what you would call the sharpest tool in the shed. He was always better at breaking bones than breaking codes. I guess that was why he used Electric types (they compensated for his shortcomings in a manner of speaking). He more likely used them because, as he would put it, he likes to make things go BOOM. What else would you expect from the top Explosives Expert in the service. Nevertheless, he was always good for a laugh and you knew he always had your back. As you would think, Surge proved to be as tough as a brick wall, however, brick walls can break. Growlithe and Skarmory saw to most of his Pokemon. His Raichu though, I needed my Dratini to finish the job. It's reward was an evolution into Dragonair.

    After a brief stop at the Pokemon Center, I made my way back through the Underground Tunnel Back to Cerulean. There, I picked up my Bike for the future Cycling Road and fought my way up to the Rock Tunnel. I went through blind, of course (no Flash) but I made it through all the same. I made a quick stop through Lavender Town and in particular, the Pokemon House. There, I spoke with a girl who said that Mr. Fuji, an old scientist I knew from war time and who ran the place, was assaulted and captured by Team Rocket when he went to confront them about the murder of a Marowak. Apparently, they killed her whilst she was trying to protect her son, an infant Cubone, from their cruelty. In any case,they held him in Pokemon Tower and I needed a device called a Silph Scope to reveal the ghosts hidden in the Tower. The road through to Saffron City, the location of Silph Co. HQ, was, unfortunately, blocked off. However, if Team Rocket made it to the top floor of the Pokemon Tower unscathed, then surely they would have access to these said Silph Scopes. Word on the street is that Team Rocket run Celadon City and have a major base in the basement of the Celadon Game Corner. Since Giovanni was last sighted there, I figured that Celedon City was my best bet to obtain that Silph Scope.

    I pushed through to Celadon City. I picked up some Tea from a lonely Old Lady. I bought a Fire Stone for my Growlithe to use at a later date to be determined. I explored the city, spoke to the locals to confirm the rumors and made my way to the Game Corner. I got confirmation that Team Rocket ran this joint; using it as a front for their criminal enterprise in this city. I found the passage to their secret base and fought every last pathetic grunt who stood in my way. These punks aren't like any other henchmen I've faced before. During the war, I fought a lot of misguided fools who thought all of the mayhem the caused was towards some greater good. Team Rocket's members know they're the bad guys. They know the gravity of the chaos they cause. Most of all though, they know they only do it to fatten their wallets and claim power through fear. They disgust me. Anyway, after making short work of the last two Rocket Grunts, I came face to face with Giovanni. That man had an aura of power. He is one to be feared, yet, respected at the same time; just like his mother. He proved to be just as strong as well. I had to rely on Dragonair, my strongest partner, to get the edge over him. After I defeated him, he dropped what looked like an optical device. Upon further inspection, I found out it was a Silph Scope; just what I needed.

    I rushed back to Lavender Town and started my ascent up the Pokemon Tower. To my utter frustration, Gary Oak stood in my way on the first floor up. I beat the brat once more; he's getting soft. I had no particular trouble with him this time around. After taking care of the brat, I pushed forward. The Rocket Grunts I faced here proved weaker that those at the Rocket base. I had no particular trouble until I was at the foot of the final flight of stairs upwards. I found that a furious ghostly entity blocked my path. It was the ghost of the dead Marowak that I heard about at the Pokemon House. I had to engage it in one last battle before it could rest in peace. I prevailed and Marowak moved on to the afterlife. Once I arrived at the top floor, I found no trouble in plowing through the remaining Rocket Grunts and rescuing Mr. Fuji. Once he was safely back at the Pokemon House, Mr. Fuji bestowed upon me a Pokemon Flute; a useful tool in future use. I had unfinished business in Celadon City, however, so I promptly made my way back.

    Upon arrival, I headed straight to the Gym. After dispatching a perverted pedophile who was peeping in on the young girls in the Gym and doing things that no grown man ought to be doing in public, I made my way inside. I made my way to the Gym Leader whom I realized was a young woman named Erika. This young lady bore an uncanny resemblance to a nurse that I was sweet on in the early years of that war. She always had a knack for herbal remedies. We had a good thing going for the first six months we were stationed together, that is, until she asked for a transfer from out of the blue. She was gone with no explanation and no goodbyes. I didn't hear from her again until nine months later. She looked as beautiful as the first day I saw her. Her words were pretty vague though. She said something about not wanting to place this heavy burden on me. About not wanting to commit me to a role that she knew I couldn't fulfill as long the war was ongoing. She left me and I never saw her again. Not until now when I looked at this girl Erika. She looks the splitting image of that young nurse I fell in love with all those years ago. All except for her eyes; she has my mother's eyes. In any case, I wanted to see what this young lady could do in a Pokemon battle so I gave it my all. Growlithe and Skarmory ensured my victory, but I have to admit, my daughter's one hell of a fighter. I would have told her how much I was proud of her, how much I loved her. I couldn't drop that bombshell on her though. Her late mother chose not to tell her about me and I want to respect her wishes. I know now though, I have a purpose beyond Oak's mission. I have something precious in this world that I have to protect, even though she won't know it herself. In the mean time though, all I can do is to cripple Team Rocket. I have to make sure that they get nowhere near her. I ran Giovanni out of Celadon and now I have a personal reason to bring down their organization. Though it ached me to do so, I adhered to the niceties and bid her adieu and made my way to the Cycling Road. After removing a wild Snorlax from my path (thanks again for the Flute Mr. Fuji), I went and got the HM Fly and geared up to take on the Cycling Road. My mission to be continued.