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    Kenshin Ren

    Kenshin quickly ran into the pokemon center and came out as soon as his Dratini was better. He looked to the older girl he was walking around with and held out a super potion.

    ". . . I got this for your skitty," he said weakly.

    Probably his way of apologizing for having to hurt a friend.


    N raised an eyebrow at Kyoko's story. Bad R men huh? That could be a number of things. Team Rocket are probably the most worldly renowned group that would be possibly affiliated with R and doing bad things. Still though. . . something about him and Zoroark hearing the double voice was odd. One voice sounded like another language of some sort, but the other he and Zoroark could hear just fine. N looked at the boy in the eyes when he was asked about his own name and age.

    . . . somewhat interesting to ask about one's age, but considering how old the child looked it was normal for kids to ask about ages like that he supposed. Still though. . . something struck him in an odd way. What seemed so. . . interesting about the boy?

    "My real name is Natural Harmonia Gropius. But many simply know me and address me only by the name of 'N'. I am . . . I guess you could say about 20," he replied. ". . . Tell me though. . . What's your name? Why were those R men after you?"

    And why do you talk with two voices, Zoroark grumbled.

    "Zoroark, please," N ushered.
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