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    Dante placed the TM into his TM case and placed that into his backpack. Dante then pulled out Aron's pokeball and recalled Aron into it. As soon as Dante called Aron back into its pokeball, Dante started to head to the door.

    "Alright Byron, I better take Aron to the Pokemon Center", Dante said to Byron.

    "Alright Dante, be careful out there it Halloween", Byron said to Dante.

    Dante headed out of the battlefield 3 area and started heading over toward the Pokemon Center. As Dante continued walking to the Pokemon Center, he started to noticed that it was dark out and that students were dressed up in costumes. With that, Dante continued on his way to the Center until a Murkrow flew into Dante and flew off again. Dante got up just in time to see that the pokemon had something in its peak. It was the TM that Byron had given Dante.

    "Hey, you stupid Murkrow", Dante said as he started to run after the pokemon. "Hey, give back my TM. Come on out Seedot and give me a hand."

    After saying that, Dante called out Seedot from it's pokeball.

    "Seedot, use Hidden Power on the Murkrow", commanded Dante. Seedot's Hidden Power turn into a Swift attack and started to follow the Murkrow.
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