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    Jason Monterio Basco

    Shock ran straight towards Ralts, Ralts raised his hands to bring some defence, but it was futile to the type advanatage and the strength behind the attack. Ralts fell back to the ground behind him.

    Ralts eventually got back up and said "Aaahhh, disgusting bugs... No offence we Psychic types tend to not be fond with your type" it was painful to mock, the attack had taken alot out of Ralts.

    Ralts shifted to Jason "Don't worry about me, i'll make sure they won't hit me again, just make sure we hit them again" Ralts than turned to Electrike, who was looking to the sky.

    "Aaahhh yeah, don't go worrying bout me, J, he ain't going nowhere with jolts flowing through his body" Electrike commented.

    Electrike than began sprinting towards Shock. Jason raised his arm to object, but he felt it was going to be of little point.

    "Sorry boy, but you hurt my best friend and you are gonna have to pay with pain" stated Electrike.
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