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    Uh.....Did you even play Ruby/Sapphire? Maxie and Archie did not start a conflict between their legends. The Legends hated each other and started fighting on their own. Magma and Aqua had nothing to do with them fighting.

    N vs Ghetsis was a simple Pokemon battle between one of the Old Legends under N's Control and the Third Legend Kyurem. That still isn't any where NEAR being similar. N wasn't even said to be the leader of the Old Team Plasma, he's basically a more helpful Red in the new games. Only reason we associate him with Plasma because he was with Plasma. Also Ghetsis WANTED to absorb the Dragon N was carrying so they didn't stop a conflict between two legend. N lost the battle against Ghetsis and had his dragon stolen. The fight wasn't resolved by a Third Legend, but incited by the third.

    The events on B2W2 are not similar to the events of R/S/E. There is still only 1 Evil team in B2W2 not 2 evil teams.