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Danielle Accola & Megan Sandoval

As the classroom was ¾ full to completely full, Megan has decided to start class. Glancing at her name written at the board, then glancing at the room full of students, the students were eager to learn what grass and bug type are pretty much all about. Why are they special? Why is it important to learn? It was Megan’s job to answer those questions for the students.

Danielle, Lucia and Mark were sitting at the front row. Mark’s Ninjask went flying around the classroom, seeing that it was fascinated by the scenery.

“Well, good morning class!” Megan started as the class died down of talking. “My name is Miss Sandoval, and I’ll be your teacher for Grass & Bug Type Specialization. Now the purpose for this class, is to mainly focus on the two types themselves. Get acquainted with their strengths, weaknesses, how their moves are used in battle, and techniques. This class is a lot more than just ‘oh, grass is weak against fire’, but after this class…you’ll learn a lot.”

Immediately, Danielle rose her hand as Megan finished. “We are going to battle, right?”

“That’s part of the plan for today.” Megan replied happily. “For now I want us to go through a lecture about the benefits of both grass & bug types.” She then went forward and pulled down a white screen from the ceiling with a dangling string. “Take notes on these because we will have a pop quiz on this!”

Pop quiz. Danielle wasn’t sure whether to love it or hate the class already. Pop quiz on a first day. She had an exam on the first day of Celadon, so this was nothing much for her.
She kept glancing at Megan’s four Pokemon, but she got distracted by Megan talking to Leah the Leavanny to pass out the syllabus.

“My Leavanny here is passing out the Syllabus for the class, so make sure everyone gets one.” She added. “Does anyone have any questions before we get started on the lecture?

Drew Stone
Outside Suicune Dorms; Classroom Hall

About an hour later…

I am late!

It took almost an hour to get settled, to get his dorm set up, unpack, and he just discovered that he has a class to attend: Double Battling. This was supposedly his day off to get settled, but apparently…he made it on the list of students’ classes. Double Battling sounded pretty complicated for Drew, especially to the fact he never had battled with two Pokemon at the same time.

No map on his hand, no time to eat breakfast. He was just late. Simple. With Syd on his right shoulder and his bookbag in his left hand, he scoured for Room 435, where the Double Battle class is going to be taken place.

“Room 435…” Drew said to Syd. “There it is. The open door has got to be it.” He ran towards the room and discovered that no one was there. Maybe Drew came in *later* than he thought. He sighed, and starts to walk slowly down the hall.

“Petiii!” Syd called out. Pointing at the group of students over at the end of the hall. Everyone had their Pokemon out, even the teacher…two each to be exact.

“That’s probably my class then.” Drew said to himself, “what a relief.”
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