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    Genevieve Molyneux

    Genevieve sighed and remembered what she heard the teacher say about sending out either a Pokemon they didn't have a strong bond with or their weakest one. Thinking deeply she thought for a minute. She had a strong bond with Sapphire, but there were the times where the Pokemon didn't listen to her. Then she also had Toto and Kitty, both new Pokemon, Toto being her weakest. She was thinking about using Toto, but after the stunt Sapphire had pulled this morning, it would be better to use here.

    Pulling out Sapphire's Pokeball she sent out the oddly colored red eyed blue monkey who glared up at her obviously still upset with her.

    "Sapphire, you shouldn't have done that" Genevieve said watching as the Simipour looked around and glared at all the other Pokemon.

    Rosalyn Smith

    Rosalyn nodded thoughtfully as she listened to what Mr. West said. So they had to write what types their Pokemon were weak to. Well for one of them that was easy for her. Grabbing a piece of paper she drew a perfect straight line down the middle, one one side she wrote Jazz (Water Type) on the other side she wrote Belle (Normal/Flying Type). Under the side for Jazz she wrote down Grass and Electric Types. With Belle though she had a bit of a challenge. She wasn't really sure what to write down for this. She just stared at her paper for a few minutes before she raised her hand. "Mr. West, I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out this for one of my Pokemon."

    Sage Smith

    Sage smiled and nodded writing what Alice said on the board under Sweet Poffin. "Your Correct Ms. Crenshaw, Pecha Berries are one of the berries that can be used to make a Sweet Poffin." He turned back to the board and thought for a minute. Turning around he saw Haru with his hand in the air asking to be called on. "I know you want to be called on Mr. Hatake, I'll call on you again once everyone answers a question." he spoke before turning to Holly. "Ms. Amarosa, could you tell me a berry combination that could make a Sour but Sweet Poffin?"

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