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For me it would be people whom don't share complete similarities. Because I don't care to see a constant same thing done with two different trainers, coordinators or whatever they have. What I like about AG is they had a Trainer in Ash, a Breeder in Brock, a Coordinator in May, and an aspiring Trainer/Gym Leader in Max. These leaves you with 4 different characters and 4 completely different objectives at that time. For me it would have been Todd since he was reoccurring in Kanto and I thought he would eventually join. Having someone shoot photos would be a nice change of pace.

Originally Posted by EvilSkittles View Post
I would have loved to see Ash being forced to travel with a rival like Paul. Imagine how messed up Ash and Gary traveling together would be. Stephan who pops in and out of BW would be pretty neat. I think anyone powerful like Lance or Wallace wouldn't fit too well, being so strong already.
I think it would probably detract from their rivalry. As an audience we want to keep in touch with the rival, but in this instance we don't want to be smothered with the rivals presence. So if the rival showed up like every 10-15 episodes then good, but every episode as with TR seems a bit overkill. I think having a Champ accompany them in a mini arc is fine, but to have them as main cast absolutely not.

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Maylene would have been cool. Since she's a good character and she has a lot of room for character development.

I on't know if this counts but I'd liked to have seen meowth ACTUALLY leave Team Rocket and join Ash etc... He would make an interesting addition and the interactions with TR would be interesting.

Stephan might have been cool, but he is basically another Ash.

It would be cool watching Ash forced to travel with Paul, since they grew that respect there would be a lot of room for development. Gary would be cool but they aren't really rivals any more since he became a professor and gets along so well with Ash now.
Meowth would have been interesting as he was during that stretch after the first Don Tournament. I personally enjoyed his presence as a Negotiator of sorts.

Only thing with Stephan is he is a battle bot, what I mean by that is from what I have seen he is just there for battles and not really to add farther to Ash development like say a rival and his cast.

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