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Placeholder for now. Explanations to follow.

Thread Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplay: Youkai Academy - Youkai Academy is rather new, but its quite active. The Rp that manages to secure a large amount of activity and Roleplayers for its short time thus far, and from the looks of things, I'd say its not going anywhere anytime soon. Here's hoping.

Best Veteran Roleplay: Pokémon Fallout - There are few Veteran Roleplays around, so when one stays around this long and continues to be compelling, it's a very good sign for the RP. I've heard good things about Fallout, and judging by its continued success, I'd say they are true.

Most Original Roleplay:

Member Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplayer:

Most Improved Roleplayer:

Best Game Master: PkMnTrainer Yellow - I vote for Yellow because there are very few GMs I'd say handle their duties well. Yellow is one of the few that not only does it well, but goes beyond the normal level of GMing. She manages the behemoth Pokemon Trainer Academy, which is already enough to secure a nomination, with her controlling of dozens of NPCs, but to manage that, as well as Pokemon Fallout with minimal help is truly spectacular.

Best Sign-Up Writer:

Most Helpful Player:

Best Roleplayer: PkMnTrainer Yellow - I don't think there's anyone more deserving of the award this time around than Yellow. She's a Veteran in the RP community, both respected as a GM and as a mentor. But her talents go beyond that. She's also a gifted writer, able to breathe life into any RP she is apart of, creating intricate and well-thought out characters. But beyond that, these characters feel real, meaning if such a person was put in a predicament similar to those in the RPs she's in, that is what I would expect a character to act like. So yea, a very deserving nomination for a very deserving roleplayer.

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