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Thread Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplay: N/A
Last RPA Winner: Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition

Best Veteran Roleplay: Earth and Sky
Last RPA Winner: Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning
I want to say Earth and Sky because Quto has gotten his act together and made sure the RP hasn't yet died--And it's still pretty awesome in other facets.

Most Original Roleplay: N/A
Last RPA Winner: Supervegeta

Member Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplayer: Synthet
Last RPA Winner: Lilizuki
I'll have to give this nomination to Synthet. From what I see, she has plenty of skills for someone that basically just started hanging with us. I also don't detect any attitude issues or any other such things that might undermine her writing ability. To demonstrate, her SU in The Pokemon Trainer's Academy was very nice! I was surprised by it and simultaneously glad to have it. (As opposed to an SU that surprises me by making me want to apply fire.)

Most Improved Roleplayer: ShinyDiamond
Last RPA Winner: WolfOfEve
I seem to recall a time when ShinyDiamond's behavior was absolutely intolerable by any fair standard, completely undermining any attempt at good roleplaying. Even if he wrote the literature equivalent of Beethoven's 9th it wouldn't have mattered because etiquette was just completely non-existent at the time. For the most part, his behavior has now become... tolerable. Mathematically speaking, this means that his ability as a roleplayer has increased infinite fold. Surely there cannot be a stronger argument to give him this award?

Best Game Master: N/A
Last RPA Winner: TornZero

Best Sign-Up Writer: Pending...
Last RPA Winner: Claire* and Fuyu

Most Helpful Player: Nideous and Machomuu
Last RPA Winner: Vato
When in doubt I have to hand the nomination to Nideous and Machomuu, because they're the only ones I consistently see going out of their way to help people, and the only people that occasionally beat me to helping people in my own RP.

Best Roleplayer: Pending...
Last RPA Winner: Claire*

So, what are you waiting for? Let the nominations begin!

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~