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Reapers: keeper of the balance
At first I thought the idea was thrilling but rather complicated. gimmepie managed to pull GMing off exceptionally well though. The setup and background is really interesting and the mission format of the RP seems to work really well. I think it deserves to be the best Rookie.

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CHECKMATE 8D Earth & Sky
It's time for this long running RP with dedicated players and a thick storyline to win best Veteran. This is how you do a RP.

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CLOUD! Reapers: keepers of the balance
Maybe it is based off some show or something, but I think it's really a fresh wind in the Roleplay Corner and its system works really well.

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After his amazing adventurous posts in echo;, I simply have to vote for him here :> He can sometimes disappear for periods of time, but when he posts, he does so with elegance and feeling.