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    Pokémon Returns


    - Alpha 1.0 is Released! Click Here To Download
    - Alpha 1.1 is Released! Click Here To Download


    - If you have 1.0 or 1.1, you can replace your files with the ones in This Fix. It should work. You'll also notice some maps I was working on pre-fix i.e. Amber Cave on Route 111. You can't find anything there yet, but it'll be fully prepared for Alpha 2.0! This also means in theory that you could traverse Route 111 and hit the black part of the map where it will connect to a new area (again, Alpha 2.0). Do not report this as a "bug" please.
    -- This "Fix" fixes a stall in the first Professor Oak Lab event (Joseph not moving as he should), Joseph's endless battle, background descriptions and organizes the NPCs in Professor Oak's lab a bit better (i.e. Joseph not walking through the player like a ghost). It also places Rock Smash as requiring 2 Badges (instead of 3) and fixes some wrong text colours on the French mom NPC.

    Note: If you don't have RMXP installed, you will also need to copy/paste these files into the main Pokemon Returns folder. Thanks.

    Alpha 1.1 Known "Issues"
    - To Be Fixed In Alpha 2.0 -

    - Some maps are not yet integrated into the Region Map
    - Region Map remains misaligned
    - French Issue: Mom's Text is Blue instead of Red [Fixed]
    - Rock Smash Requires 3 Badges Instead of Two [Fixed]
    - Window Tile by the stairs can be walked on, but not through (Nickaloose)

    Suggested Improvements
    - To Be Implemented in Alpha 2.0 -

    - Joseph walking down the stairs instead of just ninja-appearing at the bottom (Nickaloose)
    - Redo Ausable Town and W'arda Valley (Yusshin)


    The story begins ten years following the disbandment of Team Rocket by Archer in HGSS. Professor Oak is returned safely to Pallet Town after his unfortunate incident at the Radio Tower with the criminal group; however, memories of Team Rocket and their activities continue to haunt him well after the fact, so he decides to relocate in order to start fresh in a new setting. His sister-in-law suggests that he move to the remote Floran Region to research and, ultimately, retire. After assuring that his grandson, Gary (now 23), and granddaughter, Daisy, are well-off, he settles down in the small town of Windigo where his great-nephew, Joseph, and his mother reside. From there, he serves the community as the provider of three unique Pokémon that new trainers can choose from: Bulbasaur, the grass Pokémon; Cyndaquil, the fire Pokémon; and Oshawott, the water Pokémon.

    You, the player, are a seventeen-year-old Pokémon enthusiast and Joseph's childhood friend and neighbour. As Joseph is a relative of Oak, he already has experience with Pokémon and battling, and thus serves initially as a mentor. Like you, though, he has never taken the Gym Challenge; he prefers to spend his time helping his great-uncle (who he simply refers to as "uncle") with the completion of the PokéDEX. In regards to becoming a licensed Pokémon trainer, Floran's customs are similar to those of Kanto and Johto, only (as expressed by Joseph's mother in the beginning) they prefer to grant Pokémon to new trainers when they reach the age of seventeen rather than ten.

    Although initially you are encouraged simply to try and defeat the first Gym Leader of the region, your mission soon develops into the completion of the PokéDEX and the investigation of a freshly-established criminal organization. With Joseph and both his and your Pokémon at your side, you will explore the vast and natural region of Floran and restore peace and stability to the civilians and their government.

    Name may still be considered WIP.

    The Region

    Floran is a grand region of unspoiled natural beauty. The majority of towns are rural and cities are typically small. Most of the region is a mixture of forest, grass and mountain terrain, although in the south-west area there is a desert and the north-east is plagued with blizzards. Rural cities, unlike in actual Pokémon games, have small patches of grass that transition between the route and the town. (These patches do not block the pathways, however.) Pokémon will only appear in these patches at night, as to retain the more feral / wild identity of Floran compared to other regions. Larger cities do not have grass patches.

    At the moment, the region is misaligned with the in-game map. I will figure out how to fix this later (which ultimately could shift some routes and such around a little bit). Also, according to TwilightBlade, the route and town positions portray an Arceus, but I do not see it.

    Mapped Cities (Accessible)

    - The starting position of your journey. Windigo is situated at the mouth of the river flowing south from Willow Lake.
    - Music by JesseProper
    - A small town reached by traversing Route 101. It has the first accessible PokéMart and Pokémon Centre, and also features a cluster of fertile soil. Many citizens here give "basic" advice on items, menu options, saving, etc.
    - Music by ArcX
    - A town that was rebuilt after a forest fire crippled the area. From that event, however, the forest was able to grow even lusher than before, and thus the townspeople consider it a positive occurrence rather than a catastrophe.
    - Burntwood features the first official gym of the game: Kai, the Mighty Aftershock.
    - Music by Zorathan
    - The first official city visited in the game. The Museum of the Biological History of Floran is located here, as well as the Power Plant and a minor Port.
    - The second Floran Gym is located at Malbaie. Its Leader is Holly, the Natural Genius.
    - Music by b4ttle
    - A small town West of Malbaie. With the help of local workers and Pokémon, they hope to link the Copper Mines with the base of the Hot Spring at Shelburne in the north-west.
    - Music by CelestOrion


    As not to "spoil" anything, I will only be giving basic character descriptions.


    - As I don't know how to sprite, and these are default in Essentials, for now you can choose between Green or Red
    - These characters both share the same story: they live in Windigo with their mother and are best friends with Joseph, the other protagonist

    - Again, Blue's sprite is used because it is already readily-available + Joseph is a distant cousin of Blue, so it still fits better than any random trainer sprite
    - Joseph is the great-nephew of Professor Oak (Kanto) and resides in Windigo with his mother

    - A supporting plot character and Champion of the Hoenn Region. It is unknown why she has come to Floran.

    - A rogue trainer associated with May. An altercation between him and May shows much despise towards her on his part, although the reason behind his hatred is currently a mystery.







    Available Pokémon
    - Applicable To: First Beta
    - Total Available: 123, 1st-5th Generation
    - Last Modified: April 4th, 2013
    - Map Spawns Only; More By Evolving

    #001: Bulbasaur *Starter*
    #010: Caterpie
    #011: Metapod
    #012: Butterfree
    #013: Weedle
    #012: Kakuna
    #015: Beedrill
    #016: Pidgey
    #017: Pidgeotto
    #019: Rattata
    #020: Raticate
    #021: Spearow
    #023: Ekans
    #027: Sandshrew
    #029: Nidoran F
    #032: Nidoran M
    #041: Zubat
    #043: Oddish
    #044: Gloom
    #046: Paras
    #048: Venonat
    #052: Meowth
    #056: Mankey
    #066: Machop
    #069: Bellsprout
    #072: Tentacool
    #074: Geodude
    #075: Graveler
    #081: Magnemite
    #088: Grimer
    #095: Onix
    #100: Voltorb
    #128: Tauros
    #129: Magikarp
    #155: Cyndaquil *Starter*
    #161: Sentret
    #162: Furret
    #163: Hoothoot
    #164: Noctowl
    #165: Ledyba
    #166: Ledian
    #167: Spinarak
    #168: Ariados
    #172: Pichu
    #174: Igglybuff
    #177: Natu
    #179: Mareep
    #180: Flaaffy
    #187: Hoppip
    #190: Aipom
    #191: Sunkern
    #193: Yanma
    #194: Wooper
    #198: Murkrow
    #204: Pineco
    #207: Gligar
    #209: Snubbull
    #213: Shuckle
    #214: Heracross
    #231: Phanpy
    #234: Stantler
    #239: Elekid
    #241: Miltank
    #255: Torchic *In-Game Event*
    #261: Poochyena
    #262: Mightyena
    #263: Zigzagoon
    #264: Linoone
    #265: Wurmple
    #266: Silcoon
    #267: Beautifly
    #268: Cascoon
    #269: Dustox
    #270: Lotad
    #273: Seedot
    #274: Nuzleaf
    #276: Taillow
    #280: Ralts
    #283: Surskit
    #285: Shroomish
    #287: Slakoth
    #293: Whismur
    #296: Makuhita
    #298: Azurill *In-Game Event*
    #300: Skitty
    #309: Electrike
    #311: Plusle
    #312: Minun
    #313: Volbeat
    #314: Illumise
    #325: Spoink
    #343: Baltoy
    #396: Starly
    #399: Bidoof
    #400: Bibarel
    #401: Kricketot
    #403: Shinx
    #406: Budew
    #412: Burmy
    #415: Combee
    #417: Pachirisu
    #418: Buizel
    #420: Cherubi
    #427: Buneary
    #441: Chatot
    #446: Munchlax
    #501: Oshawott *Starter*
    #504: Patrat
    #506: Lillipup
    #518: Munna
    #519: Pidove *In-Game Event*
    #524: Roggenrola
    #532: Timburr
    #540: Sewaddle
    #546: Cottonee
    #548: Petilil
    #573: Minccino *In-Game Event*
    #574: Gothita
    #580: Ducklett
    #585: Deerling
    #587: Emolga
    #595: Joltik
    #597: Ferroseed

    Surf/Super Rod/Good Rod Pokémon are implemented, but as of now there are no methods in which to acquire these items (thus, omitted from the list)


    The Pokémon Company / Nintendo / GameFreak: Pokémon Sprites, Tiles, etc.
    Maruno & Al. : Pokémon Essentials Scripts, Builds, Features, etc.
    PokéCharms Community: Certain Trainer Sprites, Rips of HGSS/BW Sprites

    Red/Blue Title Screen Render: Lyra [Website Unknown]
    Gary Vs. Sprite: TheEaterofAllBabies [Deviantart]
    Leaf Vs. Sprite: ~GloomyDayze [Deviantart]
    Brenden Vs. Sprite: ~GloomyDayze [Deviantart]
    Red Vs. Sprite: ~GloomyDayze [Deviantart]

    Newgrounds Artists
    - Used With Credit, as Specified
    In-Game Windigo Music: JesseProper
    In-Game Pokémon Lab Theme: GenoWhirled
    In-Game Route 101 Music: BlackorWhit3
    In-Game Ausable Music: ArcX
    In-Game Pokémon Centre Music: RobSoundtrack
    In-Game Route 102&103 Music: Cat333Pokemon
    In-Game Burntwood Music: Zorathan
    In-Game Lumina Woods Music: Kiransankarpati
    In-Game Forest of Echos Music: Zeke30695
    In-Game Unity Cave Music: Chaoticmarin
    In-Game Default Cave Music: Cam3leon
    In-Game Route 104&105 Music: Dachampster
    In-Game Malbaie Music: b4tlle
    In-Game Power Plant Music: Cam3leon
    In-Game Port Music (To Be Changed): Ecumsille
    In-Game Route 109&110 Music: Kiransankarpati
    In-Game W'arda Valley Music: Shandu
    In-Game Coppermine Music: CelestOrion
    In-Game Route 42 Music: HighWindLegend

    Completion Status
    - Note, this takes longer because all text / trainers, etc. are in English and French

    Story Outline: 100% +/-5%*
    Town Maps (Includes Interiors & NPCs): 36% +/-5%*
    Gym Maps Completed: 2/8 = 25%
    Route Maps: 20% +/-5%*
    Miscellaneous Maps (Forests, Caves, Fortresses): 16% +/-5%*
    Trainer NPCs: 43/approx. 550** = ~7.8%
    Custom Music: 0%
    Custom Sprites: 0%

    *For Changes
    ** Unique Battles; More with Rebattles


    Just me! And I don't know how to script/sprite (only recolour), so I can't make anything customized to the game. I'd make my own music, too, but I don't have a USB keyboard to play with on Fruityloops.

    Thanks for reading my thread! (Took me four hours to write)

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