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    I might consider remaking the game later in HGSS graphics (should be simple enough, just copy/paste the folder, redo permissions, and redo the maps - events are already in-place and working), but for now I'll stick with what I have. It doesn't look too bad anyway, and it might actually be better for spriting resources.

    I edited the Pokemon List with a few new Pokemon, bringing the total to 89 (not including Water/RockSmash/Rod Pokemon, which are omitted).

    Also added a bit more character information as well as Gym Completion Status (currently two Gyms are functional).

    Will add more Pokemon to the list later, too, since I'm doing a few more Routes.


    Lainie Farms:


    I wanted to show purpose as well as the map itself, which is why the pics might seem redundant in themselves.

    The farm safari has a lot of Pokemon you can't find anywhere else. They're all farm animal-like, so you can speculate which ones are there.

    Or, if you wanna know right away, you can look at the first post lol but you'll not know how rare they are.

    Total is now 102 normal map spawns, more with evolutions.

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