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    Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
    The story begins ten years following the disbandment of Team Rocket by Archer in HGSS. Professor Oak is returned safely to Pallet Town after his unfortunate incident at the Radio Tower with the criminal group; however, memories of Team Rocket and their activities continue to haunt him well after the fact, so he decides to relocate in order to start fresh in a new setting. His sister-in-law suggests that he move to the remote Floran Region to research and, ultimately, retire. After assuring that his grandson, Gary (now 23), and granddaughter, Daisy, are well-off, he settles down in the small town of Windigo where his great-nephew, Joseph, and his mother reside. From there, he serves the community as the provider of three unique Pokémon that new trainers can choose from: Bulbasaur, the grass Pokémon; Cyndaquil, the fire Pokémon; and Oshawott, the water Pokémon.
    I like the starter choice, because each final evolution is a 4 legged animal thing; they each have the large form and tend to be on all fours, except for typhlosion, but when it uses attacks in console games it tend to go on all fours. Regardless, they are all like my favorite pokemon too >w<
    Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
    You, the player, are a seventeen-year-old Pokémon enthusiast and Joseph's childhood friend and neighbour. As Joseph is a relative of Oak, he already has experience with Pokémon and battling, and thus serves initially as a mentor. Like you, though, he has never taken the Gym Challenge; he prefers to spend his time helping his great-uncle (who he simply refers to as "uncle") with the completion of the PokéDEX. In regards to becoming a licensed Pokémon trainer, Floran's customs are similar to those of Kanto and Johto, only (as expressed by Joseph's mother in the beginning) they prefer to grant Pokémon to new trainers when they reach the age of seventeen rather than ten.
    Iunno how i feel about the rival being a mentor person, it kind of eliminates the whole feeling of competition and makes it all nice and cutesy; I think he should be very much in your face about the fact he is the "direct descendant of the great Oak", even though he is just a great nephew :P it would be funny and make the player want to go through to show how much better you are than him; but to be serious, make him actually a good trainer :P
    Its just my thought though >.>
    Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
    Floran is a grand region of unspoiled natural beauty. The majority of towns are rural and cities are typically small. Most of the region is a mixture of forest, grass and mountain terrain, although in the south-west area there is a desert and the north-east is plagued with blizzards. Rural cities, unlike in actual Pokémon games, have small patches of grass that transition between the route and the town. (These patches do not block the pathways, however.) Pokémon will only appear in these patches at night, as to retain the more feral / wild identity of Floran compared to other regions. Larger cities do not have grass patches.
    I really like the whole "wild battles at night" thing; that is really cool and makes sense considering each town being so close to the forest. I think its really cool :3

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