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    So I decided to play your game, first thing I noticed wrong was the birthday card says:
    "seventeeth" instead of "seventeenth".
    Same birthday card, a little grammar mistake:
    "I'll be there, too, of course." should be "I'll be there too, of course."
    Same birthday card:
    "but I'll see you later, too!" should be "but I'll see you later anyway!" or "but I'll see you later!"
    The guy by the water should say:
    "...there's a Pokémon move that let's you travel across water."
    Then I entered the lab and spoke to Oak, he rambled on like we all know he likes to do, I chose a Pokémon, spoke to Oak again, then Joseph appears out of nowhere, his starter must be Ninjask cause Joseph is such a ninja too, (maybe make him walk down the stairs instead), After he says I'll go tell mom, I just sat there for a moment waiting for the kid to walk off, but realized he wasn't going to haha... So off I went to start my journey, yay, what could possibly go wrong I thought, since others have played this game... Only for the door to tell me to talk to Oak... When I already have and he says the same text over and over, I thought maybe it was a trick and Oak wants to tell the same thing 10 times, but that wasn't the case here, the door doesn't want me to play :(

    So I figured maybe the kid has something useful to say, maybe he could lend me some of his ninja skills and I could get out somehow... Damn! I thought... He's giving me the silent treatment, I don't think I done anything to annoy him btw, he obviously doesn't like me, is there any way I can make him like me in the first 2 minutes of the game? So I saw a window, now to put my ninja skills to the test... Oh I can't climb out a window, but I can walk along the wall... Why do the posters stop me, but the window doesn't, tile error maybe?

    So I did a little digging, cause I'm crafty like that... Or it was the fact you allowed to me download your whole project and I could open it up... You lock the door with a switch, but you don't unlock it... You also don't turn the aid switch on either... So I done a little more digging and saw a hidden event outside the map (you are sneaky, maybe the rival has your ninja like abilities)... I looked within and noticed, without trying, I actually tricked your game, by missing 2 certain squares... So Joseph didn't walk off and then for some reason the rest of the event never continued, which I gather is because you didn't make Joseph have the "through on" movement.

    So that's all, what turned out to be a couple errors turned into a little running commentary, I had fun considering I only played 2 minutes of your game :)

    Hope this helps for future releases.
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