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    Jack Robinson
    Ferrow Forest

    Jack watched anxiously as the Pokemon ball shaked then suddenly it shaked vigorously and it stopped he caught a pokemon. Jack as happy as he has ever been threw the pokeball in the air sending out the mushroom pokemon. "Hey there little guy I like you so well I wanna call you, umm" Jack thought for a moment "Yes! You are called Shroomie!" The mushroom pokemon looked up at his trainer and thought for a second "Shroom!" it said happily. "Now chimchar you must rest from all that battling, here have this blanket to lie down under!" the Chimp Pokemon grabbed the blanket and walked over to a picnic bench to rest. "Now Shroomie I want to check your moves so stand still." Jack pulled out his pokedex and checked it's moves "Poison Heal and Absorb and a Leppa Berry you got there?, awesome now shall we train? why don't we battle that Oddish over there?" Shroomie peered over at the Oddish and looked at Jack like he wanted to battle "well lets do it!"

    The Oddish stood still until it saw Shroomish "Absorb!" Jack commanded, Shroomie lengthened it's roots and sapped out energy from the Oddish. The Oddish used Absorb too but much stronger, the Shroomish looked in real pain so Jack looked worried. Meanwhile the Chimchar woke up much better and saw the Shroomish so he used ember on the Oddish hitting it into a big Oddish nest. Jack turned around so did Shroomie they both pulled a happy face until they saw the angry herd of Oddish. Chimchar got up and joined them when they got chased by the massive herd. Sprinting Chimchar accidently at a poisonous berry and looked much paler. Shroomish realised he was poisined watching him fire fireballs at the oddish until he was choking on his own fire. Stopping the Shroomish walked over to Chimchar lengthening his roots and sucking out his poison Jack just stood there dazzled at the quick friendship until he realised that the herd was nearing. They ran on until they were tired then Chimchar used ember trying to hit them all but the Oddish could take it and then just stopped. They all looked at each other nodding then looking back at Jack when they walked off Jack relieved walked over to his Chimchar and went "BlazeBlast! That's it Chimchar you are called BlazeBlast!"Chimchar thought for a while and went "Char!" also happy from the name and then just lied down with Jack and Shroomie to rest from all that running. "Lets rest for a while it will do us good!" Jack said relaxed.

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