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    Thomas Yerington; Rootdry Town

    Chapter 2.1 – Under the Cover of Darkness
    Tommy's alarm went off at 2:20 in the morning; ever so faintly at first, it fell silent before it could turn loud. Tommy's eyes opened; he'd never felt so awake in his life.

    Quietly, he slipped away from his bed and tucked his pillows under the bed sheet. He retrieved his knapsack, packed and hidden in the closet earlier in the day, took off his nightgown (because apparently, Prof. Pine is the kind of person who lends nightgowns to guests) and stuffed it in the knapsack (because apparently, Tommy will do that). Then, he pulled a letter from one of the bag's pockets, and placed it on the nightstand:

    Dear Prof. Pine,

    Thanks for the Pokémon and the
    food and everything. Peace out!

    : P


    * * *

    Tommy retrieved a Town Map of Rootdry Town scribbled on with red Sharpie. Turning around, he recognized two buildings in the distance, which indicated he had indeed arrived at the correct spot. If he entered Ferrow Forest from behind this specific lamppost, a half hour walk along a small creek would lead him straight to the main road.

    Resolute to continue on in his quest, Tommy rolled the map and stashed it in his knapsack.

    Suddenly however, a voice in the distance startled him: "Hey you! Stop right there!"

    Next thing he knew, Tommy was running through the foliage, avoiding his pursuer.

    "In the name of the law, I said STOP!" the voice screamed, but Tommy knew he could not falter. Not here, not now.

    Soon enough, the footsteps behind Tommy stopped, and so did the kid. If he made any sound, he would let the stranger know his position, and he could not afford that.

    Silence ensued, broken only by then stranger's heavy breathing and walkie-talkie sounds:

    "Hello, police?" Tommy heard the stranger's voice.

    "Can anybody hear me?" the voice asked, followed by the sound of flesh smacking plastic. Tap, tap, tap, tap.

    "Damn, there's no signal in this place!" The voice concluded, indignantly. This was Tommy's chance.

    The stranger had a walkie-talkie, that in itself was dangerous for Tommy, since it could get in contact with people within the device's range even without signal. However, Tommy had had the time to get accustomed to his new Pokémon during his stay in Rootdry, and he knew of a specific trick his little Emolga could pull off:

    * * *

    Tommy's Pokémon approached the stranger casually, although the large figure didn't seem to notice the small rodent. Emolga, however, didn't mean to be sneaky.

    The Pokémon walked up to the stranger's ankles and pulling on dark pants, got his attention. "What the…?"

    "Emol?" Tommy's Pokémon chirped before making purring sounds.

    "Aww that's c… not right now." The stranger seemed confused yet enchanted with this strange wittle Pokémon. You see, when a Pokémon uses the move Covet, it distracts its victim for a split second, before…

    JUMPING AT HIS FACE AND SCRATCHING AT HIS EYES! "AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" The stranger cried as Emolga landed gracefully on the ground, walkie-talkie in hand and dashed towards his trainer, who gave him a satisfied smile as they both watched the scared vigilante run back where he came from.

    Coming back from his panic, Tommy suddenly realized he was only fifteen to twenty feet away from the small creek. The incident was over; Tommy was on his way towards a new journey!

    After all, this incident was but a minor hiccup against a non-recurring, unnamed and ambiguously-gendered minor character; Tommy would probably never see him again…
    Death to Plasma?
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