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    This looks fantastic! As soon as I have need of a hex editor (probably soon for my hack, but I'm putting it off because hex-editing is kind of intimidating... :3c), I know which one I'll choose ;)

    On the subject of a rom hacking IDE, I think a step in the right direction would be a suite where you can have all of the other essential tools in one window (AM, FSF, unLZ, XSE, etc.) as well as a (debuggable?) emulator to test your stuff. It could have a GUI similar to Photoshop, where you can have the programs in little sub-windows or all on a taskbar type of thing. Of course, you'd need to round up permission from HackMew and LU-HO and all of the other creators first... and it might be difficult to release updates for individual tools. Eh, I wish I had the skills/time-to-learn-the-skills for such a thing, but I guess I have to stick with just hacking :sideways:

    Oh and you just got an automatic sub to this thread, I want to see where this goes with newer versions ^^

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