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    What Water type/Grass type might be good for my team? I don't know a lot of good ones with high stats.

    Aggron - Ok, I guess it would be good to replace Iron Head with one of those moves.

    Charizard- So get rid of which one? And replacing Aerial Ace won't be a big deal. Thanks~

    Hydreigon- Yeah, I forgot completely about Dark Pulse when breeding him for the right nature. :/
    I made his attack low on purpose. The White Herb is his held item so that if I use Draco Meteor, it will eliminate the stat change, therefore enabling him to use it twice if I have to. I could swap the items and change Draco Meteor, but then a lot of power might be wasted due to his high Sp. Attack

    Salamence- I can do that~

    Haxorus- I'll think about it. But personally I thought that Substitute would work well incase he has trouble with a ice type, or so that he can power up with Dragon dance without taking too much damage. I'll think about the swords dance move change, though.

    Jolteon- His Wide Lens ups his accuracy so he can use Thunder like an upgraded Thunderbolt. And sure, I'll switch the flash with another move. Thanks again~