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Please add a sign-up form at the nearest possible opportunity :) For now I'll just guess it then edit it later when the official form is up :D

Name: AlexOzzyCake
Partners: Bronzor & Bronzong <3 I want that Registeel!

Why do you like/love Steel types?
I love Steel types, they're so sleek and cool! I think it's an incredibly interesting Pokémon type to work with since Steel types in general boast huge defences complemented by very unique move pools. Steel types have a lot of technical moves like Gyro Ball to use as well as many classic moves that they can give a fortified twist to, so it's never a dull battle when you have a Steel type team. As for the reason I first began loving Steel types, that all lays with Bronzor and Bronzong. As soon as I saw them in Gen IV I fell in love; they look utterly amazing (Bronzong so derpy <3) and their concept is incredibly unique which is refreshing to see. They have very interesting move pools with attacks like Toxic and Gyro Ball, plus with very useful abilities to remove the common Steel type weaknesses, so they started off my love for the whole family. Plus I love how Steel types resist Poison, it's very useful in competitive battling x]