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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Mid, since I'm a friend I'll join this club.

Username: Hikari10
Partner Pokemon: Lucario and Excadrill
Answer to current topic: My fave Steel-type would have to be Lucario, cos I love its design, is one of my fave Fighting-types (as well as Steel) and it has one heck of a diverse movepool, which means it has lots of good moves to play with not to mention it has balanced Attack and Special Attack which makes it good at running physical, special and mixed.
Yay, Hikari joined. I do hope your upcoming birthday will be a big hit.

To the answer for my own topic: Well, that's a tough decision coz I like all Steel types actually but if I really have to pick on, it'll be Escavalier. Like most people say, it has a unique & cool design & it specializes in Attack & I'm a physical attacker so that sums it up.

Note: I would appreciate it if anyone donated a support bar/banner. I haven't made a section for those yet coz no one has donated any yet. If any of you guys donate, P's will be given to you. So, start donating some but please, do not charge at me with tons of them ^^'.