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    lol you don't have to put this much thought just for the story. But Feraligatr's good, although Swords Dance isn't really necessary. Go with Slash or Thrash. Can't recall when you actually get Shadow Claw in SS... but by the time you get it, i think it'd be pretty useless. Keep Crunch instead. He learns it naturally, and does exactly the same thing as Shadow Claw, even stronger. Additionally, it may help you early on against Ecruteak's Gym leader as well.

    Lapras has equal Atk and Sp. Atk. You can go either way offensively. Ice beam along with surf is surely reliable, adding thunderbolt is also actually good. With Surf and Thunderbolt in the same moveset, your pokemon may only be resisted by less than 10 pokemon. Your last slot can go to anything you want. IMO, Heal Bell would be absolutely perfect. After all, Lapras isn't really the offensive type of pokemon.

    Gyarados... hrm..Waterfall/Aqua Tail, Outrage, Equake, Dragon Dance XD but since you already have both Eq and DD+Outrage pokes, you could be creative with something different such as DD+Waterfall/Aqua Tail, Bounce, and Stone Edge (for fighting against Ice, Bug, and fellow flying types). If not stone edge, there's always Ice fang or smth else like... Dragon Tail (which is pretty fun XD) Waterfall's flinch rate may make your Gyarados very trollish, too.

    edit: i see it was moved XD
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