Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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    These are the offsets you need to change to activate it on Pokemon Ruby:
    3BA94: 80 7A
    3BFBE: 00 29
    3BFC0: 00 D0
    3C124: 02 2E
    3C126: 00 DB
    3C12C: 01 28
    3C12E: 00 D0
    And for those who care, here's a patch for Ruby that has the physical/special split implemented, and has all the attacks categorized into physical/special/status:

    Credit goes to Darthatron for posting how to do it on Emerald, since I found the Ruby offsets by searching for similar bytes to the offsets that Darthatron posted. And I'm assuming the recently found Mirror Coat/Counter glitch is present with this patch also.
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