Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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    This might sound arrogant coming from the person who started this thread and then promptly left it to grow up into a big strong man on it's own (they grow up so fast *sniff*) but when can we expect a clean DPSS patch into Fire Red? I will take the first step into admitting that my patch was nothing more then presented research designed to help anyone interested reach the goal of a clean modification that others can use to improve their own hacks. The patch itself (that I made) is horrifically broken and unprofessional, unfit for any serious hack to use. I blame this on my complete lack of education in ASM and how the GBA works, and probably wasn't even necessary for someone as smart as Darthatron, whom I am highly thankful for in whipping up an Emerald patch. My gratitude extends to everyone else too who's been working on this project and I'm glad I at least put forth the voice and research to make this possible. (Even if it might've happened anyways regardless of my attendance)

    If there's already a clean DPSS patch for FR like there is now for Emerald, then disregard me, I lick lollipops. If not though, I'd like to know if it's in the works at least. Judging from the small amount of bytes Darthatron's Emerald DPSS changes, it'll be a lot more efficient then my bulky, strung together patch.
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