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Auden Radke and Tamor Bellfiend
Theme Song: Planet Hell & Hear Me

The journey to Raelus had been once again been a long and tiresome boat trip, leaving Auden to vent his frustration on infrequently on Tamor. Their relationship had slowly been growing closer, with Tamor starting to show slight pleasure every now and then at his touch. They had stopped at Old Zealand on their way to Raelus, a peculiar place with a so-called "Harem King" who ruled over it. It was a fairly lax island, in Auden's mind at least, but was a nice change of pace; especially when compared to being stuck on a boat for weeks straight. The boat trip was overly calm through the famous traders waters, allowing for plenty of time for the knights to converse with each other, though this rarely happened as they had seemed to have already formed smaller groups within the larger one. The few conversations Auden had with the others had been rather tedious, except for the egotistical Roland, whose personality tempted Auden greatly; nothing better than crushing someone who thinks they are better than you.

Finally, their travel ended as the Knights made land at Biskar. As he disembarked, he took in his surroundings. It was a typical military port, very common in Raelus, most of the ships that were docked were mainly military ones, bringing slight nostalgia to Auden as he reminisced about his time as a Privateer while climbing up the ranks. One particular skirmish with the Palvanese came to mind as he recognised a ship that he had fought besides. That particular battle had been rather enjoyable as the small fleet he was a part of had ambushed a larger Palvanese fleet. The battle was short and destructive as the mages of Raelus, Auden included, decimated the Palvanese before they had a chance to react. The burning ships lead the sea to appear as if it was on fire, a pleasing sight in Auden's eyes.

Two guards approached Auden as he walked along the dock, trying to get him to stop before seeing his RMC uniform as his robe parted with his steps. Nodding in respect the guards moved aside as Auden continued onwards, leaving his "comrades" behind to deal with the (local Customs and such.) Leaving the hassle behind he made his way through the port with ease, towards the (information place/board). After committing the faces of the main wanted people to his mind he turned and left for the stables to procure a horse.

Quick to notice Tamor watched as Auden made a swift departure away from the rest of the knights, including her. An aching ping ran rampant in her, had she done something ill in meaning to upset him? Tamor had not noticed any eagerness in him to return to Raelus, but perhaps she had wrongly observed. Despite being kept in enjoyable (sans Roland) company Tamor couldn't detain the almost overwhelming feelings she had to return to Auden's side. Was there an understandable reason for this sudden feeling? Dependency? Loneliness? Or was there a stronger and deeper emotion at play? Astrum forbid she admit it to herself, instead of dwelling on a subject of little importance (at least at the moment) Tamor temporarily parted ways with the Knights with a simple nod, hoping that was enough. Upon seeing the guards Tamor hesitated but in the end warily leaned into the ear of the nearest guard and disclosed information she hadn't told the rest of the Knights, well, not fully, due to the circumstances that were too dear to her heart to reveal. There was a brief flash of shock that rippled across the man's face, not that Tamor unfairly blamed him, but without wasting another moment she went on her way.

If one wanted transportation other than foot then it was to the stables, Tamor actually recalled meeting the husband and wife who owned the horses that she suspected Auden was off to obtain. Her father, or rather her faux elven father Kanien Astry had taught her the necessities to mounting and riding a horse on these very pastures. Heat lapped at her skin almost as if it intended to char it that day. Kanien, despite his military upbringing and position, was patient in ways her mother had never bothered to learn. It was his name she cautiously spoke to the guard, it was known that she was the daughter to the man known as the greatest admiral, after His Grace, in Raelus. His death had happened in an explosive weapon testing gone array, it dealt quite the blow to a young Tamor, but now she couldn't even remember his face. A name such as his would surely be written down by all the scribes in the land a thousand times over, his lavish achievements stretched that wide on a simple piece of parchment paper. That and being childhood friends (and well into adulthood) with the current king had its perks, even after death.

"You, you left me," Tamor spoke gently, as Auden had his back turned toward her and to not spook him or the horses. Niolas plucked at loose feathers on her shoulder to make room for those that were growing in underneath the ones that were currently showing.

"Well, I didn't need you." He replied without turning around, continuing to ready his horse and saddle.

Tamor mouth became agape, and color flourished in her cheeks, as she became ashamed that she had followed. "Where are you going?" Tamor inquired voice full of hurt, but eager to get the answer.

Turning he smiled at her before taking a step towards her and caressing her cheek, "To do some cleaning."
"You don't clean," Tamor stated bluntly, his touch no longer affected her in the same manner as before even though she knew what those hands were capable of doing. With her eyes fixed on his Tamor attempted to restate her statement in another form, "What are you really cleaning?"

Leaning in he whispered into her ear, "People." Slowly he pulled away from her, gently caressing her before turning back to his horse, with a smile on his face.

Fear crept into her facial expression and settled in her golden eyes, "P-P-People? Why, why would you do that?" A clumsy step back led to her to slip and fall, as Tamor fell Niolas flew to the top of the nearest wooden stall and perched. He remained a close enough distance to keep a close look on the duo that stood beneath him.

Hearing the sound of slipping Auden released a burst of air in Tamor's direction, cushioning her fall. "To keep my country free of scum." He stated as he tightened a strap of the saddle. "They are hardly people."

"But they are people still, why is it your duty to do so?" Graciousness for his sudden usage of magic was only apparent in her sigh of relief. She felt an urge to question Auden in his entirety as a person, prodding a mother bear with a dull knife is what Tamor imagined what this process was similar to in appearance.

"Would you prefer if you were the only person? Or would you rather if I just played with innocent people?" He replied, finishing securing the saddle. "My job is to clean up the countries scum."

"Why are there any people? Why are you like this? Who did this to you?" The barrage of questions leaked from Tamor's mouth before she could stop, and she wished she had. Her fate was sealed whether that was in Astrum or Infernum, she continued on, "You mean, your job was to kill those who were criminals and even then under orders, you are a Knight not a vigilante, or have you forgot such things?"

Within mere moments Auden was on Tamor, picking her up by her neck he looked into her eyes as the skin around her neck began to burn under his magic. A smile came across his face as his free hand pointed towards Tamor's bird. "How badly do you want to know?" He asked her as his grip tightened.

Struggle, as per usual, was utterly useless, it was as if Auden had the strength of a thousand men and Tamor could not compete. Yet her airway was open enough for her to spew words out, "Tell me, or do you lack what an eunuch does as well?"

Crushing her windpipe more, he slowly dropped her body to his level, still looking in her eyes. "That was awfully brave," He said with a caring tone in his voice. Bringing her in closer he looked into her eyes as they began tearing up. Slowly he moved his face in to hers, keeping their eyes locked the entire time before his lips softly met hers, and after a few moments he released her, allowing her body to fall the floor like a sack of potatoes.

Nothing in her seven-and-twenty years of living had prepared Tamor for that moment. Her confused mind slipped into a frenzy, what had he just done and why had he done it? Was it to humiliate her and remind her how powerless she was against his might? Given the chance to fight it Tamor knew in the end that she would have, or would she have? Thoughts blurred together as if they were one but its jumbled outcome relayed little information to Tamor regarding her true feelings of the matter. The remaining questions had died on her lips as they parted to let his in. Speechless, Tamor lingered there on the ground unable to bring strength back into her arms, however Niolas was the exact opposite. Talons dangerously poised, wingspan fully elongated, and silent like a true predator before it ravaged its prey. Niolas dove down from the rafters to meet Auden's face as his talons aligned perfectly with the victim, Auden.

A calm smile remained on Auden's face as he watched Niolas dive at him, taunting the bird. With speed Auden's right hand shot up, catching Niolas legs with surprising ease. "That wasn't smart now was it?" He asked as he took complete control of Niolas body, throwing the bird to the ground. A puff of feathers and slight thud accompanied its fall from the sky. A flick of his fingers caused a caw to escape Niolas as a blast of wind slammed against the bird's body. "Are you done bird?"

Hands planted firmly in front of her aided Tamor in the prolonged process of getting up as she was visibly shaken from the earlier incident. "I'm not," She answered staggering to her feet, despite it being intended for her hurt avian companion. Tamor launched herself at Auden, hands curled into fists upon impact. In appearance the swings looked more mighty than they felt, and upon delivery they lacked the force needed to do any real damage. Tears flooded her eyes and cascaded down her rosy cheeks, her ongoing punches got weaker and slower with every blow. Eventually they ceased altogether, yet her fists laid against his chest and the only sound she made was the occasional sniffle.

Interesting... Auden thought to himself as Tamor weakly pounded at his chest, barely even phasing him at all, in reality nothing more than an annoyance. Stopping she leant against his chest, continuing to sniffle. He wrapped his arms around her body before pulling her in a bit. "So are you done yet?" He asked pushing her back slightly and looking at her tear ridden face.

The embrace had been unexpected but welcomed, his body heat was felt, yet Tamor could only think of her injured friend. Out of blurry vision Tamor spotted Niolas and left Auden's immediate presence for a brief moment as she knelt beside her feathered friend. Tamor prayed to each of the Gods before she placed each of her hands onto Niolas. Her magic restored his consciousness, and she gathered his large body in her arms before returning to Auden. "We better get going, shouldn't we?" Tamor made sure she emphasized the word "we" each time she spoke it.

Without saying a word in reply he took the reigns of the horse that he had been preparing and lead it to the exit of the stable. Tamor wondered if this was his way of politely telling her she wasn't coming with, had she endured all that for naught? Surely he would turn around to face her, Tamor was hoping for it, she couldn't return to the Knights otherwise. Auden continued towards the exit, checking the saddle and reigns as he walked. Happy that they were secure the exited the stable, mounting the horse. "Hurry up," he said without looking back. A look full of gratitude would've greeted Auden had he looked at Tamor. With Niolas healthy enough to take flight Tamor let go of him by throwing him into the air, his wings opened and took him high into the open sky. Tamor took Auden's outreached hand with a smile plastered on her face as she mounted the horse, arms wrapped lightly around his waist.

The next couple of days were full of pleasure for Auden, as he quickly hunted down six wanted men as he made his way to Eldur, with Tamor in tow. During some of his torture sessions he forced and tricked Tamor to help out, healing his victims as they neared death just so he could inflict more pain on them. Their screams of pain brought him great pleasure as he slowly took their lives away. By the time they had made it to Eldur he had killed the eight criminals that he had committed to memory, each scum tainting his homeland. Forgiveness from the Gods was beseeched by Tamor, as she thought surely after she healed the first Auden would leave him well enough alone, that innocent thought had been instantly poisoned. These were the acts of the befallen, individuals that had strayed from holiness such as Lilyth and Dabel, leaving Tamor to think that she perhaps did belong in Infernum. A sickness boiled up inside her stomach until it eventually gave way multiple times, retching on sight of the mutilated bodies. The Gods were quiet as ever, Tamor vowed to never again aid in the torture of another human body, within reason. Night terrors of the marred corpses would surely be in her dreams instead of Tella and the heavens of Astrum. After those days had passed Tamor's mind still wandered back to that moment in the stables, she relived it vividly and examined the situation with copious amount of detail, yet still couldn't distinguish the meaning behind it all.

It had been four days since Auden and Tamor had left the other knights, and four days of pleasure for Auden, through the torture of the criminals and the psychological torture he had been inflicting on Tamor over the course of their trip. The duo had dispatched of their horse to a guard who swore an oath to return it to its rightful owner. If almost by pure luck of the Nine Auden and Tamor saw the rest of the Knights of Ekilore paused ahead of them. The annoyance in a guard's voice was heard, and the phrase she had heard too often growing up, "May the flames of Eldur guide you," greeted them. With a nod she and Auden were welcomed back into the group without any questions asked, Tamor couldn't bare admitting her sins to anyone but the Gods.

"Home, sweet home, I suppose. Right, Tamor? Auden?" Percival asked, it wasn't much of an answerable question, at least not one that could be met in all honesty. "Let's head to the castle first."

"Sweet..." Tamor had an ample amount of words she had wished to substitute for that of which Percival had chosen. Trying to sound more tolerable of their destination Tamor exclaimed, "Joy, the castle!"
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