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    I believe it is. People don't realize how lost we'd be if we didn't have internet. We'd be completely lost, clueless of what's going on, it would be very hectic. This is the generation now I'm talkin about tho, older generations they didn't have internet so they had to think. The internet has all the answers right there in front of you. Takes no knowledge or brain power whatsoever to get the answer. So yes, it makes us seem less intelligent cuz were incapable of using our brain anymore.

    Educations lacking because they teach you to rely on technology. Back then, you had to think to get the answer where now the answer is given to you even tho you put no effort in to get it. Get rid of internet see how intelligent we are then. js.

    I've already stated that the internet is the easy way to get information but in reality most of the answers we get can be found out without internet. Whether it be books, school (even tho it's lacking they still teach well some teachers do, it's rare tho), music (music can be a good source of information), opening your mind and for once using your brain to figure it out yourself, etc. Using the internet is making people to lazy to get the answers alone and relying on a 3rd party or technology.

    When you read books or get off your lazy ass to figure the answer out by yourself it sticks in your brain longer. If the internet shows you how to do algebra problems do you really thing a majority of them will remember a month later? No, but if they learn it through text books and teachers (if they teach correctly) then yes a majority will remember it). They'll remember even more if no calculator is involved cuz this is forcing them to use nothing but they're brain they were born with. A brain is made to use, not to neglect, getting answers from the internet is neglecting it because they aren't learning anything and they're looking for a faster answer.

    Does the internet teach you how to speak English? No, does the internet teach you how to drive? No, does the internet teach you how to play musical instruments and sing? Not exactly, it's completely different hands on. Does the internet teach someone to be a parent? No, does the internet teach you how to do your job at work? No, does the internet teach you how to read? Not really. The internet has true and false/fiction, non-fiction with everything. The way people learn stuff on the internet may be true but may be false.

    In other words, the internet will give you the answer but in a lazy way and low life piece of **** way. You won't remember how to do it in the future where if you learn it the legit way, you will. The way schools lacking and the way our society is, we'd be completely ****ed without internet. We wouldn't be capable of learning because schools don't teach anymore. I'm sorry, but the truth hurts, everything I said is nothing but truth. People can't handle the truth and if you reply back with ********, you obviously can't handle the truth.

    People will wake up one morning having an issue or something and think they're having heart issues when it's nothing and they get all paranoid about everything because all the diseases or whatever have the same side effects. The internet is our best friend but at the same time our enemy. I don't like using the internet to find my answers, I prefer hands on and learning than visual or auditory and given the answer.
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