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Originally Posted by Shiny Quagsire View Post
It might also be worthwhile to test the differences between versions. Fire Red and Emerald might be more complete or even less complete due to the changes made for wireless adapters (ie multiple people in one room, up to 32 iirc). I'm definitely interested though, because this could be very interesting to do. However, I wonder what the best solutions would be for something like events (ie old man event). Modifications might have to be made in order to properly present things. Perhaps a sort of setting so that the game can be told not to send certain NPCs over wireless? That way you could have the old man be client side so the most that could happen would be people walking past the old man. Definitely on board with this idea though, it could be very interesting to try. I'd also like to try it on actual hardware as well, since I have access to a flash cartridge (although I'd need another one to be the second client, so that might be a problem).
I'm honored in your interest. Seriously there were no posts the last three attempts. Yea, I'm going to cover every version once I define a suitable list of things to test on each one. Currently I'm using the Mixing Records chamber to connect to multiplayer. If there's ever a way to create what's essentially a co-op mode, I'd have reached my unrealistic dream for the project. Since warps and map connections normally won't work, I scaled down those hopes. But if advanced and experienced people working on it, maybe it isn't so unrealistic.
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