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Originally Posted by Kip View Post
Thanks guys!! :D

I didn't stop there - I did the back too!


No idea whether the game will work with a GameCube or not, or indeed trade with other games, but I put it in to make it look genuine. :)

And to round it all off, a userbar...


...and a support banner, both based on the boxart.


Hope it's OK! :D
wowowee! O,O
that's sooo cool! THANKIES! :D
oh, and I added the userbars in the first page. ;)
again, thankies~

Originally Posted by wildarms001 View Post
@DGJ - ehehe :D well im happy coz theres a another hack finish :D and LoG is coming :D keep on waiting 4r the final released :D
well, that's what I wanna see, positive thinking! :)

Originally Posted by keyzer3 View Post
I think that rayquaza should have had a more instory role,not just the one from the begining
hm... Rayquaza...
nope.., but I guess...
Lemme think about it.

Originally Posted by Chazz Princeton View Post
Sweet hack ....this hacks the reason i returned to Pokecommunity!!Almost makes me wanna start hackin again..:)
er, thanks. and welcome back in PC..? :\

Originally Posted by Anthony PoKéMOUNTAIN View Post
I have had tested this hack-rom, it's a good hack-rom but i had find one bug in the sea with surf (sorry i'm french and it's difficult to speak english). This bug put the player in a zone of the map were i can't move but i don't know if it's corrected in the latest version.
thanks, and may you please show a screenshot? :)
again, thanks~

Originally Posted by prince112 View Post
DJG, can you remove the text "GameBoy Advance" in the tiltle screen? And add Nintendo DS instead? Why? Because GBAs are really outdated in these days so I suggest you to do that.
I can't. :\
before I started hacking Rescue Rangers, I just patched that intro. The patch was from Elite Map. :\

er, hi?

I haven't got much to say but I finished mapping one of the ending maps of the 'real' world.
I need to script it now, but then, things got a little busy here...
So I can continue maybe this Wednesday, for I have no class every Wednesday.

also, I've been feeling weak this couple of days, so I rested for every free time I had. :\
I guess too much work gave me stress... school, acquaintance party, etc... oh well...

That would be all.
Sorry for the delay~

Good day and happy hacking~