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    this place looks fun~ And I totally love the Sandshrew POTW, it's adorable!
    So I think I'd like to join!
    Name: ScarletFlygon!
    Cute Pokemon: Shuppet (I took on the elite 4 with a team of them! Yay B-Button evolution cancels! I don't think I ever got around to evolving any of them into Banettes...)
    and Haunter!
    I know haunter seems like an odd choice, but back when there were only two Gens of Pokemon, he was my favorite pokemon of all time because I find it so adorable, especially in the episodes of the series ^_^
    Why?: I adore cute pokemon, and ghost pokemon! Which is why I find most ghost pokemon cute and adorable.
    Anyways, I completely adore cute pokemon, that's for sure ^~^. Every pokemon game that I have, I've made it a point to beat the elite four with a team of the cutest pokemon, EXCEPT for Pokemon Black, since this is my first experience with the new generation, I wanna try using every pokemon I can before beating the elite 4 with just cute pokemon :3