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Originally Posted by TylerSymes View Post
I find Muse to be alright. They are a hit and miss with me. My favorite album probity be
The 2nd law
. Feel free to dislike me.
That's a rather rare opinion! Can I ask why you like The 2nd Law so much? :D It's one of those albums that I really want to love since it's not bad music or anything, but for some reason I can't seem to embrace it like their older work. It's probably just because Showbiz was a very decent album, leading onto Origin of Symmetry was was simply incredible, then to Absolution and Black Holes which were both even better than the last only being topped by The Resistance, and then they come out with The 2nd Law which... I guess it just didn't follow the trend in my eyes! It's unarguably (for me!) a good album, I just think they peaked their career around Black Holes/Resistance. But hopefully they've still got a lot left to give!
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