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    Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
    Alright. Now it's looking like a standard Pokemon game with a parallel plot of looking for your brother, the way other games have you battle a Team X. And there are hybrids involved...personally, I'm not enthusiastic about using genetic modification as a plot point because "Clones Are Bad" has been used to death and the science behind it is never accurate, but if it ties into the plot in a way that makes sense, there's no harm in it.

    If the protagonist keeps in touch with the police, that could be used to direct the player through the plot line - for instance, an Officer Jenny shows up in a city and tells you to turn left instead of right, or even backtrack, to pick up on the kidnappers' trail. The plot is still only sketched, though. A lot depends on how the player interacts with the plot and what happens at the end.

    I'm curious, why did Noah get kidnapped? Is he being held for ransom?
    Thanks for the new feedback. The hybrids aren't exactly gonna be bad, the reason they're dangerous is because they cant control their powers. You will be able to catch and train them.

    I like your idea of working along with the police if you dont mind i'd like to use it.

    Not completly desided on why he was kidnapped but it will probably have something to do with him having something or knowing something the bad guys need.
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