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    January 19th... California Regionals

    I was using Blastoise Keldeo (2 keldeo-ex, 4 mewtwo-ex) WEIRD LIST FTW!!!! Anyway, I actually am pretty bummed about my 5-2 ending, only because I didn't make top cut (16). Here goes!!

    Round 1: Jay Yezzo-Lewis with Darkrai/Mewtwo/stuff

    I start Keldeo and two Squirtle. He opens with two Darkrai. I couldn't get my Blastoise until t4, and by then, I had a Keldeo, Mewtwo, and Squirtle down. He got t1 Night Spear, and Gold Potioned like four times thanks to Sableye. So, I couldn't get ANY KO's, so to sum it all up, I lost in t7.


    Round 2: Some kid with Theme Deck/one Sigilyph.

    I open three mewtwo with DCE and a Squirtle. ...He opens up with a bunch of, well, stuff that is so bad it shouldn't be allowed in a tournament. LOL. I get Blastoise t2, and start hitting away at his baby basics. :P He sends in Siggy, I send in baby Keldeo. Triple Deluge, and WIN turn 6.


    Round 3: Unknown with Eelektrik Mewtwo

    I don't remember much of this match. All I remember is a Mewtwo War and a prize trade off. Except I was faster. So I won.


    Round 4: A Guy From My League with Hydreigon/Darkrai.

    I really need to remember names. Anyway, I start with a Keldeo, two Squirtle, and a Mewtwo. He starts with two Darkrai, a Deino, and a Mewtwo. I hit him with X Ball until he's literally 10 HP away from a KO, then he Max Potions. UGH. I do it again, except this time he Double Dark Patches and attaches a PRISM (wtf?) for a Night Spear. Misplay! X Ball, KO. Next he sends in Mewtwo and can't get energy on it. I Catcher up Deino, KO it. He sends Mewtwo again, and this time gets a KO on mine. then I send in Keldeo-EX with two water attached, retreat, send in another Mewtwo, Energy Retrieval, Deluge, DCE, X Ball. His last is a Darkrai, but that was taken care of when I Junipered into five energy. LOL win.


    Round 5: Curtis Swick with Darkrai/Landorus/Mewtwo

    I remember beating this guy from Arizona last year @ states, when we both ran EelZone. So, first I open up with a baby Keldeo. He Night Spears turn 1, and I juniper into a Keldeo-EX, a Squirtle, Rare Candy, and Blastoise. I bench the basics, and wait for my Keldeo to get KO'd. When it does, I send up the Keldeo with Rainbow Highlights (EX). I rare candy into Blastoise, and N. Then I dont draw into ANY energy OR supporters for the next 9000 turns. So, I end up scooping.


    Round 6: I Can't remember who I played, but he was with Quad Sigilyph.

    This deck is terrible when I start Kyurem and baby Keldeo. All I really did was arm them up for the whole game, and then KO a mewtwo.


    Round 7: Johnny Dauti with Darkrai/Landy/Mewtwo

    This was a really awesome game. I get two Blastoise, two Keldeo-EX, and two Mewtwo Turn 2. ALL ARMED WITH ENERGY. I almost t2 ohko his Landorus, but didn't get the third water. By turn 6, I had 5 prizes taken and he had taken none. He manages to hang on with his Max Potions and Energy Switch, but when I retreated to Keldeo and used two Energy Retrieval (and this part is funny) I attached 8 energy to it for a 400 Damage blow. EPIC!!!!


    I wait around for the final pairings for Top Cut, but when they finally came, I was shocked. I had finished 17TH. FRICKIN 17TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have NO IDEA how frustrating it was for me in the first few minutes. A lot of my friends got right below me, but a lot of them made the Cut. Well, at least I pulled a Computer Search in my prizes! :D

    Was I the only one who hasn't gotten my official rating and points updated????
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