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What would you do?
A fun little discussion here in Pokemon General where you discuss what you would do in certain scenarios!

What is this about?
Glad you asked! I was thinking that we could have a bit more fun and laid-back discussion about hypothetical scenarios that would occur to you if you were in the Pokemon World. This is pretty much the entire premise of WWYD (What Would You Do); that is, what would you do in a given scenario? Remember that there are no right or wrong answers, just your thoughts!
Can I suggest some scenarios, too?
Of course you can! In fact, I highly encourage you to! Feel free to PM either myself or Brendino your suggestions just so we can give them the ok, and you're free to post your own WWYD scenario for others to discuss! That being said, let's get on with our scenario, shall we?
What would you do in this scenario?
Congratulations! You've saved the Pokemon World from total destruction! However, like in the end of every Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, it is time for you to go. However, before you return to your previous life, you are given an important choice. You do have the option of remaining in the Pokemon World, but you will remain there forever. Alternatively, if you choose to return to your old life, you are free to do so, but you will live the rest of your life knowing that you cannot return to the Pokemon World. What would you do?

i'll be waiting until the sky falls down

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