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    Okayokayokay! This is getting confusing.

    @Drunk: I wasn't shooting your ideas out, simply disagreeing with them.

    But I agree only three people per region.

    @Nakuzami: Tournament ideas suck. I disagree, however the rest of your idea is good. The fact that tensions are rising might work out well, but having a large war would create chaos and would hence make the RP(s) more fun. It's a choice between tensions and war. I vote Naku's tensions idea, though.

    The sequel doesn't fit in to the first five at all. I completely disagree, sorry.

    But I agree, no Arceus. Too cheesy.

    No offense, but 'trainers' has gotten seriously old, just say they're a group of elites brought together to bring down the teams. 'The Protectors' kinda sucks too, so come up with something else, just please not 'trainers'

    Edit: OMG! Forget eerything I just said! I had an epiphany again! (Sudden realization of awesome RPing truth)

    Alright, I'm prepared to flush everything I have down the toilet and come up with this simple new awesome plan: Foreigners. I've been thinking, and I found a way to fit RHCP's Foreigners RP into our plan. It's simple: The Foreigners tournament is going on in all five regions, one in Kanto (Already started) one in Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. Voila. Once they're all done, a mass tournament takes place featuring most of the contestants and even winners from the Master Quests. What do you guys say?
    It's Whimsical WYMSICAL!

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