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Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post
Haha, nostalgia ftw. xD And sure! Xenice.. interesting; is there a reason you picked it? :P ]
Yes. And I remember having all my Eevee evolve into an Espeon back then due to the lack of evolutionary stones. xD

Weeell, here's the history of it. :D
I was thinking of what to name a female Glaceon (for RP reasons, if I remember correctly, or maybe I just wanted to xD). I was pretty much staring at its Sugimori art back then and I couldn't help but notice how her ears + flaps of her "Sherpa hat" seem to form an 'X,' given you're looking at her at the right angle. Or something. Then being the Math person I am, I associated the x to its Hindu-Arabic numeral form: ten; subsequently, I replaced 't' with 'x'. Other names were created before 'Xenice,' actually. Hehe. And since I really wanted to be original (xD), I searched in the net to see if the names that I have thought of are already being used somewhere. They were. Sooo I brainstormed again. Eventually, I came up with 'xen' + 'ice,' with the pronunciation being "se-niece." :3

- Lolwut, long story. ^^'

Oh yeah, the Glaceon icon for me isn't showing in the first page. :<
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