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    Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
    Square-Enix loves its ports but it doesn't glorify them. I really find it difficult to believe they'd hype something like this so much. Square-Enix doesn't indulge in countdowns and the like very often and with something like TWEWY where, especially in the West, it's very much loved... they wouldn't use this kind of hype-building technique for something as basic as a port that doesn't even seem viable on the surface.

    I also don't believe they'd come out with a remix album just to celebrate a game being ported to mobile format and I believe that's what the leak came from? The e-store listing for the remix album?

    Maybe I'm in denial but it just doesn't fit their usual announcement tactics so I don't think the iOS port is the news.
    ^This. I knew about the countdown since it began(I saw it on a Youtube comment while listening to TWEWY music xD)and the possibility of it just being an iOS port is very VERY small. However, there is one small li'l concern: the soundtrack. People that think the soundtrack is being developed FOR the iOS port can be wrong...what if the iOS port is just to show off the soundtrack itself. I still hope for a sequel though.
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