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Originally Posted by darkpokeball View Post
Oh gosh...solo remix, right? What if this is just a way to help adjust to a one-screen mechanic, meaning *gulp* PSVita. If there was a sequel, I'd rather it on the 3ds, however I can see it easily coming to Vita...(WiiU maybe)
I find it very hard to imagine them releasing the sequel for a *not really that popular* game in a different console- specially when said console is doing so horribly bad as the Vita, which has sold 10 times less than the 3DS (2 millions VS 20 in July).

In fact, as unlikely as it is, I'd see a PSP version before a PSV one (since it currently sells better than the Vita, and already has a 60-million userbase). Unless Sony starts pouring millions on SE-Jupiter, I don't think that's very likely to happen. And, if they were to do so, I'd actually think about giving that money to Capcom in exchange for a Monster Hunter instead...
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