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    Originally Posted by Limanya View Post
    Yes. A symbol is unique, but in the rare case that two trolls share a symbol, it means they're in an ancestor-descendant relationship. It's mentioned somewhere that every caste has a huge alphabet of symbols, and it's generally frowned upon to have a fantroll sharing the same symbol as a canon troll. Call me the fantroll expert of the club XD
    Limanya is right. Vriska mentions this when we're introduced to Mindfang's journal.

    Originally Posted by Limanya View Post
    About original characters, do you guys have fantrolls? I have 13 fantrolls, twelve fansession ones and one which is the start of my 7 deadly sins-set. She's Lust.
    I have three. One is a rustblood named Varoth Sankar, one is a cobaltblood named Valkea Eldrid, and the last is a brownblood named Bahari Lathem. Varoth is a meta-anarchist who collects scrap metal, Valkea is a bigoted arsonist, and Bahari is a female troll with some manic issues.
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