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    Thought I better comment to keep this updated... There has been no updates since my last post, however, the game is taking a different direction now things have been added to Essentials in version 13, and some of my unique features are no longer unique thanks to some contributions on the scripts and tutorials page lol.

    So until further notice, the download will be removed and you can expect a slightly different gaming experience in the future.

    In my head it works, and I think is better for Pokèmon LIFE, but will see when a release is made.

    Will keep updates short and sweet from now on.

    Thanks for patience, and sorry if I haven't answered your PM's or posts, because there is no point in answering them at this time since the latest download has now become void.

    Again as always, if you have downloaded my latest version and can play it, have fun, and DO NOT use any of my resources, they are not public.
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