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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    Oh, I thought you had more of an idea about what you wanted to do than just "Pokémon as cards, booster packs, battle something something something, ante rule".

    There are so many ways you could do a card game. Simplified TCG, Triple Triad, Creatures of Gaia-style, chess-like, Risk style, etc. etc. About the only definite thing is that the game should be round-based (not necessarily the same as turn-based, because both sides could attack simultaneously).

    What stats do you picture a card having? You've mentioned HP, Attack, Defence, Special Attack, Special Defence, Speed, attacks (one or more per card, with effects and damage values), level. There's also elemental type(s) and rarity (for booster pack pulls). That's a lot of things. How big will the numbers of these stats typically be? 1-10 for damage-based numbers (with maybe 1-20 for HP), or will the numbers be bigger than that?

    It doesn't matter if you think you can program it all or not. You need a significantly thought-out idea, at least to start with, which you can develop to suit playability and your coding skills. At the moment, anything we say is pretty much going to be our own ideas rather than helping you with yours, because you don't have much structure thought up which means we have very little to go on.

    Sprites can be mirrored horizontally, but for vertical flipping they need to be mirrored (horizontally) and rotated 180 degrees - there's no simple way to flip vertically. I don't know what that bit in brackets means.
    Well, my general idea was, to give a basic card which has little to no power, no ability, nothing special really, just 2 moves, an attacking move (tackle, scratch, quick attack etc.) and a status move (leer, growl, swords dance, things like that.), I am hoping that each card can have 2 stats, out of the 6 already available, but different types of that card can have the same/different stats and which each new card you gained of that specific Pokémon, you can then, let's say, "upgrade" your Pokémon, because the new card owned could have something newer or higher, than your already owned card, by this I mean, maybe higher stats, a different attack, an ability, etc... Because I don't know too much about how attacking and defending works, judging attacks at this point can't be decided on whether I want to change the stats in 1-10 or 1-20 or anything of the sort.

    By my bracket, I meant, can a picture look like this "_" instead of this "D", imagine that "D" led down facing up, instead of facing us.

    I don't want to play with the elemental side of things, the types, I think, are fine, that's excluding Gyarados being a stupid flying type...

    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    as a person who would want to play it, I would like to see some sort of "evolving" of the cards
    like you would start off with a booster pack of several cards, and then as you progress obtain newer ones, and better ones, etc
    I would like to see the cards be different, such as having a bulbasaur card, lets say, that depending on how many wins and losses it has, or depending on how many pokemon it has defeated, it could add up to a trackable point system
    the system could then be used to upgrade cards, improve their stats, abilities, powers, etc

    I would also like to see some sort way of changing and altering certain moves, maybe having more than 4? but at least some way of changing them, like via a card of some sort

    also, for the move based tun style, I like the system of Magic the gathering, where there are instants that can be played on the opponent's turns, and abilities for creatures like first strike, where, in the event the power of the opponent's creature is the same as your creature's toughness, and you power is equal to their toughness, but yours has first strike, your monster's move would take priority, and attack before they get the chance, where on the other hand, the attack phase happens at the same time (i.e, both would die)
    I did consider using AP (attacking points), but to gain AP you must first use a standard move, like, Brace and Focus, where Brace gains AP for your defensive attacks and Focus gives you AP for attacking, attacks... But you could potentially equip cards which give you an already AP boost, and each move has an AP rating of something, once you hit that AP mark, you can use the move, except it uses the AP and you must, Brace or Focus again, thus removing turn based style, I was going to change some moves to "steal" AP too, moves like thief and agility maybe, things that boost speed should probably have this effect.

    With that said it came to mind while I was working today, that I could possibly have AP in a range of colors, and moves can be these colors, so you can't have 2 moves of that same color in your attack list... But I need to do a lot of research into attacks to do this one, since I lost sight of the moves after HG/SS.
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