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    I did mean cards themselves having elements. As I said, it's a big part of Pokémon. Attacks can have elements or not, that's not a big deal (they can inherit their type from the Pokémon, like the TCG does), but it's pointless if just attacks have elements because what's it going to affect?

    You seem to have forgotten about Potion cards.

    So you're going for a Pokémon battle style game, then (rather than grid-based or anything else)? It looks a lot like just a simplification of actual Pokémon battles (where you can only use specific Pokémon with predefined movesets, and damage calculation and all that are simplified). There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but maybe it'd help to look at your game from both sides (both "Imma make a card game with Pokémon" and "Imma simplify Pokémon battles").

    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    Ah, you mean skew. No, RGSS doesn't have that capability. It's easy enough to just make a graphic that looks like a card, though.
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