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    If you're considering using it in competitive battles, Zapdos outclasses Emolga in every stat bar Speed, and even then it only has three more, bringing it to a whopping 103. In exchange it has rubbish 55/60/60 bulk (barely more than Deoxys-N) and mediocre 75/75 mixed offenses, with no way to boost other than Charge Beam. Sure, it can sometimes get a kill using Swagger/Thunder Wave/Double Team abuse, but Zapdos can do it far better with its bulk, and can actually hit things, take hits respectively, and enjoy a broader movepool including Heat Wave and Whirlwind.

    Emolga also suffers from being weak to Stealth Rock, and being slower than Terrakion, Latis, Lummed +1 Dragonites, scarfed Rotom-W...and against Espeon it's completely helpless due to its miserable attacking stats.

    In RU or NU, it's somewhat more viable due to the lack of Zapdos outclassing it, but still can't take a hit and, going off your sets, has to rely on luck with Swagger to survive. Frankly, if you're going to use a mon that's dependent on Swagger to survive, you might as well use Electrode, which has more bulk, more speed, and more of an offensive presence.