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    Good stuff Shadow XD
    but I can add more if you don't mind.

    Be Cautious
    I'd add, be careful and take a closer look at the finishing touch, more errors that you think might be can be in there. And be more serious about the things that effect your work and if you aren't reluctant to try hard enough, you might even get famous XD (er, ok lets not get TOO far) You don't have to be a perfectionist to impress others, give in your work and you'll get tons of good replies, along with constructive criticism. Without the help of other people, you can never become good.

    User design, User hot
    Always remember this is YOUR card, you can put any kind of strange mechanism into your card, as long as it fits the benefit of making a fake card.
    And also, when rating another persons card and you don't think its appropiate, you don't have to criticise, keep the bad words to yourself, and use your more intelligent language to guide others to their liking and average skill.

    Others' Work
    When you are rating others' work, and you help them to make better cards, don't kill the way they make cards, like don't destroy their sense of style.
    Instead, you can use ways to change the things bad in the card, not the things the person does and names. Really recommend this tip.

    There XD I hope they work.
    Signed, Akira
    My ID is now Auel. ^^; O.o