Thread: 5th Gen Who was your MVP?
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    The hidden grotto Minccino that Bianca finds you before you go to Driftveil was my MVP because of Skill Link. After it turned into a Cinccino, it had a move that had a base power of 182.5 and two more with guaranteed 125 power (Because Wide Lens added 10 accuracy to everything.) with good attack to begin with. It even had a nature that increased its attack. (At the expense of Defense.) It is also very fast.

    It was a true glass cannon.

    Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
    Huge Power Azumarill sporting Aqua Tail (later and currently Waterfall) and Ice Punch. I also utilised the fact that Aqua Ring stacks with Leftovers.
    Originally Posted by Venitardus View Post
    For B2, it was my Azumarill that took out all the dragon types
    Originally Posted by Sweets Witch View Post
    Azumarill in run 1
    Huge Power Azumarill was a beast. Yes it was slow, but it could take hit well because of its bulky health and good defense. Also with huge power boosting the base attack to 100, you suddenly had a surprisingly strong 'mon.
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