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    Oh, today is a grand day indeed. Grander even than the day this thread was created, I daresay.

    And why is this a grand day, might you ask? Two words, ladies and gentlemen (whichever category our dear RP master may fall under ;D), two words:


    Come on, all together now:


    That's right, my lovehs, due to a conveniently placed Finnish holiday, yours truly is on vacation from the mili from 16.00 Wednesday all the way to 24.00 Sunday, so it looks like I'll have all the time I need to participate properly in the opening phase of this RP. That is, of course, if Thesis/ACC is gracious enough to start it up in a timely fashion. Yay for that. :3

    Originally Posted by Thesis View Post
    Oh, and... I LOLed. Apparently I'm not quite manly enough, because the new RPers are calling me a her. *pokes Sweet Dreams* Not to make fun of you or anything, but.... yeah, it was amusing. XD
    And you were wondering why I like my ambigious avvies? This must be almost as fun for you as the time when the silly CARD GAMES people mistook me for a guy-ahem, girl, yeah, girl. xD

    ...or did they really know something the rest of you don't? ;3

    ...okay, enough being ambiguous about genders here. Do you have any deadline for when this RP is going to kick off? I mean as in, are we still waiting for more peoples or is this just giving Brad time to rework his character? Huh, is it? *Pokes incessantly*

    Impatient? Perish the thought. I'm never impatient about RP starts. xD
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